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  • Hello Gary,

    I would like to buy a cellphone under 5K.
    I like Nokia 3110 and LG KP199 which one is better and other suggestion please give it to me.
    I have increased the bandwidth. Check it. Sorry my net connection was down for whole week. Now its working.
    Check if your .htaccess file. Have you modified some wordpress setting ?
    your old site is opening with domain.

    I have changed the NS setting in your account, dunno why it's not updated yet. Don't know why for ~gaurishs is redirected to :/
    except for gaming I use linux for any other thing. Yup I had to unlearn something and relearn things.
    i have downloaded many torrents, that too in linux and at max speeds. So there is nothing as such utorrent is best. IMO Vuze is teh best but yeah it takes more memory, thats the only downside but features are far more to counterthat.
    hey buddy try rtorrent if you really want a good minimal torrent client
    Hello Gary

    Can you please tell me where were the announcements for the I Love My Laptop Contest made? I won a six-month subscription. Though they did send me the magazine this month but I never read anything on the contest winners.

    Hoping to hear from you soon.

    Swati Malik
    Kamine blu-ray movies download karega to bandwidth ki waat to lagegi hi na. BTW kaun kaun si movies hai tere pass blu-ray format main. mind sharing with me.
    hey bud I have the Docket nUmber if you want. Just let me know. You left IRC before I came back to desk. I had one of my teeth pulled so Im not quite always at my desk.
    hey thnx a lot for ur advice..I will surely make gud use of it..
    can u pls help me out? i wanna join aptech c programming course.. is it gud?? is it worth?? whts the fee structure?? can u pls help me wid this...
    I'm very new to this... please help me!!

    waiting for ur reply...

    :) Landed after a long time, not sure how much active i will be though haha
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