1. ComputerUser

    Save me from Mac!!!

    I installed Flyakite OSX to change my theme to Mac. I had enough of it and unistalled it but it does not go! It has replaced everything like boot screen, logon screen, buttons, etc! I tried to stop the themes service and start it again but that MAC desktop comes back:mad: . Even the default...
  2. arunks

    n70 flash light problem

    i have a n70 mobile phone and now it is 8-9 months old so it means it is in warranty ....Now its flash light has become dim ..Plz tell me whether it(flash light) will be replaced by a new one without any charges and how many days it will take..
  3. He28

    Can Nokia Joystick be replaced?

    Hi all I have Nokia 3230. Iam a Game lover and play a lot of games on my Nokia 3230. As a result, the joystick has become loose. I fear, soon it will no longer on my cell. A broken joystick can render the phone almost unusable. Do you guys have any idea if joystick of Nokia phones can be...
  4. entrana

    samsung syncmaster 740n

    selling samsung syncmaster 740n 1 year old but the screen just got replaced a few days ago the screen got replaced of some reason warranty left is 2 years. have box cd and stuff prolly gonna sell around october so put ur offers here
  5. iMav

    changing vista theme

    i downnloaded a theme it has a shellstyle.dll file i patched my 3 iles in vista and replaced shellstyle restarted explorer.exe no change and no option to select the theme :? *bump*
  6. I

    how to save changes in Resource Hacker

    i f i change something in windows with help of Resource Hacker then i want to save it.what should i do?shoud it be replaced or make new one...when i save and replace nothing happens?
  7. T

    Dell Inspiron 9400 Core Duo 2GHz 1GB Nvidia 7800 17" WUXGA

    Now going for Rs. 70,000!! Call me if you are serious and maybe I can go down a bit. Only till 20th noon! Remember you'd pay more than this for a complete gaming Desktop PC. Here are the details if you want.. * My no. 09818281599 (Delhi)...
  8. g_goyal2000

    How to know a Hard Disk is new?

    I'm going to get my crashed hard disk replaced with a new one. How can I know whether the Hard Disk I have recieved is new?
  9. nitish_mythology

    I love open source but..........

    Hey,I am myself a biggest fan of open source philosophy....... Someone asked me a question, I was confused! Suppose if comp like Microsoft,Adobe,Symntec etc are replaced by Open Source softwares........ How wll thousands of programmer earn their piece of bread?
  10. linardni

    WinXP-SP2 files

    Every time I install Windows XP-SP2 in my PC, the following message appears after very few operations. What to do? Is there any way of disabling appearance of the error message? The message is as follows: Files that are required for windows to run properly have been replaced by unrecognized...
  11. C

    How to get the good ol' logon screen???

    So I installed Autopatcher SEptember from a CD. After selecting the apperance tweaks, I restarted the system. But now, instead of the old logon screen ( the one with the XP logo and your photo) has been replaced with the dialogue box from Windows 2000 ( the one with drop down options ). I...
  12. S

    pc hangs and reboot!!! :(

    hi, i have a p4 2.4 ghz and intel 845 computer hangs a lot and even restarts automatically...after restart or when i do a manual restart when it freezes i dont get any response from cpu..the monitor led just flickers no beeps to say whether post was ok or not i even got...
  13. H

    My Sata HDD Beeps

    I have a strange issue with the sata hdd that i bought recently. i formatted it installed windows xp. it worked fine for a week and after that it started beeping. i got it replaced. the replaced hdd also worked fine for 2 days and again it started beeping. Seagate replaced my 120GB Sata drive...
  14. din4204u

    biggest system problem i have ever faced.........please help

    guys i have a system with following specifications amd sempron 2000+ at 1330 MHz on ecs km400-m2 mobo 2x256 mb ddr400 ram 250gb hitachi pata(recently added) 80gb hitachi sata benq drive 350 wt local power supply with 16A on +12 v line. i have win xp with via 4 in 1 and via hyperian pro...
  15. RCuber

    Annual Maintainance Contract - is it useful?

    My pc is 1 yr and 3 months old. When i bought the PC the vendor gave me a 1 yr onsite waranty. I had two problems in that year one was with a CD drive which he replaced after a few weeks and another was a problem with UPS the battery was replaced. Now my pc's components has these waranties...
  16. LegendKiller

    Norton error...

    Since i un-installed kaspersky is 2006 beta and then installed norton is 2006,i am getting a message... "ccapp unable to find entry point of dll library of WNetEnumCachedPasswords in mrp.dll" i dunno wats the prob with it...i even went for system restore and replaced it with the file from an...
  17. N

    MONITOR PROBLEM( in 17'')

    Recently I have installed "SUSE 10"........but after the installation ,I could not able to get the dekstop it displays a message that frequency is more than the operating frequency in the case of 17''-inch monitor ... and when I replaced it by 15''-inch then , it is working properly...
  18. vandit

    win firefox?

    this one is for the ones who wish to experiment and are brave enough ....... currently our shell is explorer.exe..... what will happen if it is replaced by firefox? maybe faster,reliable ha ha aha aha ah ah ( slowly gets converted to ah ah ah ! if not done properly ) :lol:
  19. D

    my board 915gav original becomes faulty ??

    hello friends, I have buyed a new computer with intel 915gav Motherboard, but now during Bios checkings it gives error 114, and does not boot, My vendor said that it will be replaced within 10 days, will it really be replaced in 10 days, I have Original board....
  20. G

    digit dvd

    i buy digit from nearby store and the july dvd does not work at all how do i get it replaced.
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