1. harshilsharma63

    Help clarify some hardware doubts

    Hi, I've gained much knowledge after visiting this thread however, some doubts still remain in my mind which no Google search could remove. I hope these questions will prove useful to me as well as to anyone who visits this thread. Before I progress, I want to say that the final decision of...
  2. W

    Question about my Graphics card

    I was using ATI RADEON HD 4350 1 GB DDR2 graphics card. Bought it nearly 2 1/2 years ago. 2 months ago, it get dead. So, I gave it to support center, they called me last week to take the new card as the old one was dead. I went there 3 days ago, but instead of same graphics card, they gave me...
  3. W

    Question about Google Nexus 4

    As I posted before, I wanted to buy Nexus 4.. AlphaQ advice me to buy it from USA. I told to my uncle, he ordered it and got it this week. He opened it to see its features.. Now, my question is, as the seal broken and he is using the phone, when he'll come to India, does he face custom for...
  4. RCuber

    Office 2013 Upgrade query

    I recently purchased a 3 PC license of MS Office 2010 (Home & Student) edition, which includes a free update to MS Office 2013. but that story ends there. here is where MS dropped the bomb. I can only get a single license of 2013 (H & S) or 1 year Office 360 Home Premium subscription for 5 PC's...
  5. ASHISH65

    how to see the activity of computer connecting to multiple display

    how to see the activity of computer connected to multiple display hi everyone, iam opening a cyber cafe next week.i have one computer (main server) which is connected to 5 monitors by an device named Ncomputing device and software. i have one cpu which is connected to others
  6. E help with threads

    I will change my question as i the previous one is solved. Can a thread be temporarily suspended from another thread..? Say i have a thread A in a loop which checks and downloads some data . now i have to start another thread b which has to connect to the net. is there a way that when thread...
  7. sayan8

    Should i get BB 9220 ????

    My birthday is comming.I'm planning of getting a new phone.. I have a Galaxy Y which is abt 1.2 yrs old and i am sick of it , flashing custom rom etc..... I have a budget of strictly 10.5k.... Rcently isaw my sisters BB 9360 and i fell in love with it:razz:.. So im thinking of getting a bb only...
  8. G

    evga gtx 670 rma in india?

    hi guys... im about to get my evga gtx 670 in 2 weeks... bought in the US... there is a lot of talk going on about the bad gtx 670 cards and they are getting replaced... my question is are there any evga service centres in india if at all my card fails?? :-(
  9. M


    Could an Internet Blackout Happen In Your Country?
  10. S

    Case Logic SLRC 201

    hi guys, i want to get this dslr holster bag from ebay Case-Logic-SLR-Zoom-Holster-SLRC-201 This is going to be my first experience on ebay and i'm a little confused about the condition "Octroi If applicable to be paid by buyer in certain cities." . The question is, is there a possibility of...
  11. Jaskanwar Singh

    Molex to 6pin

    my question is, is it safe to use?
  12. anirbandd

    UPS suggestion for GFX & PSU upgrade

    I am planning to upgrade to a HD7750 card. i am currently on a crappy PSU. so i will be upgrading to a Corsair 430cxv2. the main problem lies with my UPS. i bought around a month back. its a BR600CI.. its 360 Watts / 600 VA. there is absolutely no question of replacing it so soon. now the...
  13. V

    i7 3930k should I overclock?

    Hey guys, I'm kind of new to this forum this being my first post I recently got a new machine but you don't want to hear that you came here to answer the question. So my question is Can I overclock/ Should I overclock. I'm running the 3930k 3.2GHz Stock 3.8 Turbo and its running at exactly...
  14. TechnoHolic

    What does the term "Overlock" Mean..?

    Over lock means...??---to make system optimized for better performance.. How can i overlock ... what does it need..??! is any kind of software is needed to do this...!! Need to know..i know it's a kiddy type question..but i really don't have any idea..please answer..
  15. R

    Bitlocker Drive Question...

    So I have win7 installed on C drive and I have bitlocked my D drive. Question is - if I format my C drive, and install win7 again, will I be able to access my D drive after unlocking with the password I know? Or will the D drive be forced to format, thus making me lose all the data?
  16. mohityadavx

    Paypal Incoming Funds

    Hey I would be getting some money from abroad since Western Union is damn expensive I want to try out Paypal. My question is do I need to have a Credit Card attached to paypal account to accept International Payments or a Debit Card will do .
  17. J

    Electric shock thru USB ports in desktop cabinet ?!?

    I just bought a new computer....i get electrocuted a bit when I touch or connect a steel pendrive...i thought it might be hardware issues....but When I turned on the computer thru the UPS ..there was no shock or leAkage of electricity..okay now the question is is this due to improper...
  18. Gaurav

    Anyone heard of Pantech mobile phones?

    Hi all, I came across this deal on desidime (here). The phone has amazing Specifications. Only downside is the 256K color screen.. Seeing the unboxing and review on youtube (by fonearena, aaron), the phone seems quite good for this price tag (appx 7900/- ).. What are your opinions on...
  19. V

    Desktop config for a media center cum workstation

    It's very urgent! Configuration for a media center cum programmer's desktop Hi, I want to assemble a new desktop - a media center cum programming (with application servers, db servers, studios, etc) one. After so much research online, I have decided to buy the following parts: Item...
  20. A

    Magazine related question

    I just activated the magazine subscription for 1 year , I have a question though.. Does it really take 6 weeks to process the order and delivery or it happens faster ?
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