1. S

    Friend travelling to Japan : International Roming / Any other option ??

    Hi All, My friend is traveling to Japan. The assignment is for more that one year and it looks like it will take more than 2 months to get a mobile connection there. So the question is, till she gets a new connection there, what are the possible ways for communication to India ? She...
  2. A

    Which CAble Operator services are good

    Hello, I need help for buying a new cable tv connection.I don't know anything about this.I'm basically from delhi and will use this cable on a old big type Videocon 21 inch TV.I am looking for around 2000 Rs. Cable connection.I will buy a LCD or LED tv in near future.If it will come with a...
  3. G

    Guess the game from the screenshot.

    So there's a game in the Chit-Chat / Cafe games section about guess this movie. So I think we could have this "guess the game from the screenshot" game here. The screenshots thread isn't for this purpose, so I'm making this new thread. You post a screenshot from a game, the person who...
  4. 7shivam1

    Silly Pendrive Question.

    Im buying a Pendrive after a long while.. So there is this Pendrive Ive found on snapdeal STRONTIUM Jet 16GB Usb 3.0 But the question is that .. Will this USB 3.0 Pendrive wil it Work on a Normal Computer which mostly comes with USb 2.0.. In the Pendrive Specifications it says Compatible...
  5. cute.bandar

    For those of you owning 2k 3k cabbys , are they worth it ?

    My current cabinet, which is now almost 6.5 years old cost me about Rs.600 But I am learning the meaning of 'I can't afford to buy cheap' , so thinking of getting a nice cabby for about 2k. Question to those have a 'good' cabinet around 2k How long does a good cabinet last ? THe only...
  6. M

    urgent question from a newbie

    If an android phone has Wi-Fi Hotspot tethering then is it necessary that phone has also USB tethering.
  7. B

    Ps 4 or ps3

    Hey guys i am in a fix and i want to ask a question i Might be banned for this question so sorry Is it sensible to buy ps3 after ps 4 is going to launch considering it is already hacked?? To play downloaded games Anyone??
  8. P

    Where to buy Gionee/Iocean in Chennai?

    Hi, I have shortlisted a few phones: Gionee elife E3/5 Iocean x7 youth turbo My question is: Where do I buy these in brick and mortar stores in Chennai? Thanks in advance!
  9. F

    Buying new laptop

    Hello Lads, I have a budget of 45k and i was looking forward to buying a new laptop.Unfortunately,my approval to post this Q on this site took a while,and the ever active folks at FK have already shipped the 3 hours after making the payment.So,i cant do anything about the order...
  10. ramakanta

    System Memory Decreased

    when start my computer , it show , The Firmware has detect that the system memory has decreased . Press the enter Key to continue . my question is why this type of message displayed .
  11. B

    Buying from US

    I looked up the newegg site and the price of HD 7950 graphics card in the US is around 16000 while here it is around 24000. Which other computer components are really cheap in the US. Also the same question for Dubai. I'm going to assemble a new computer in some time, and I'm thinking of asking...
  12. A

    deal done?

    hello, guyz from past 3 months iam looking for cheap mobo that will oc my cpu that is i5 2500k suddenly i found this Intel DZ75ML-45K Motherboard - Intel: so my question is is it worth the money as u can see its about 4.6k . and will it oc my cpu ?
  13. A

    Integrated graphics with graphic card

    My computer has integrated garphic card intel gma4500 and i was thinking of adding a graphic card now my question is that will i get the power of both integrated graphics and graphic card.
  14. Harsh Pranami

    Speed cap on trains passing through up main line if construction work is going in down line

    I know this question sounds bizarre but believe me currently this question's answer is all that I care. So please if you have a relative working as railway employee, ask this question to him/her and post here. Please,please it's urgent.. Suppose if a blasphemy (BCM) machine is laying a geo grid...
  15. A

    what are the other websites you prefer to ask or answer any question?

    i have bookmarked the following forums to ask or answer any question. what are the other websites that are as significant as these according to you? Stack Overflow Programming - Nairaland Consumer reviews on Movies, Cars, Bikes, Mobile Phones, Music, Books, Airlines, Restaurants...
  16. S

    What, in your opinion, ought to be a good configuration for a programming-only dual-monitor setup?

    I'm asking this out of curiosity, since a good percentage of the people here are from a IT background. What do you guys feel ought to be a good setup for a programming-only PC? No gaming requirements. I'm adding dual-monitors as a condition, since it seems to be popular opinion that the...
  17. C

    Are the entrance exam books reliable????

    Guys, I just finished my board exams and preparing for bitsat, viteee, aieeee..... I have bought some books for preparation for these exams, which are mostly from arihant publications. But as you know, exams like viteee, bitsat have been conducting exams in online mode only. My question is that...
  18. G

    Is the config ok for my need? & 2 other questions

    The purpose of this machine is to run Maya/Max 2012+, Photoshop CS5, Zbrush & play few Games( although not a priority). Here is the config i have choosen: Sapphire 1 GB HD 7750 Quite Key Keyboard Intel G2010 2.8 GHz Kingston 2GB DDR3 x 2 WD 500GB HDD LG 15'6" LED monitor MSI H61M-P20 Mobo...
  19. B

    Question about cabinets

    I have a basic question about cabinets. All this time I thought any cabinet will do, but after seeings posts on this forum, I've realized that the cooling given by good cabinets is also important. Now most people recommend the NZXT Gamma cabinet, so does it have inbuilt fans? What do they charge...
  20. Sarath

    [Disussion] "Why do you buy songs when you can download them for free?"

    This is not a question to you guys, it is a question that has been posed to me. But then I would like to know what to answer that will make sense to anyone who will ask the same in future. It all started when I was waiting in the car and suddenly a song occurred to me, I fired up the Flyte...
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