1. Krazzy Warrior

    Maths Quiz

    MATHS QUIZ One friend of mine asked me a question and told me to solve..question is based upon Simultaneous Linear Equation..Solve if if u think u r damn good enough..but i think u can't..and don't forget to show the process but first of all u have to solve which is impossible.. Note: We all...
  2. alexanderthegreat

    Forum Game:Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer

    Here is another Forum Game and this one is sheer fun! (Thanks for rajkumar_pb and mrintech for recommending this one) In this game, one posts a stupid question. The second poster posts an equally stupid answer(Use of humour highly recommended) and then, posts his/her own stupid question...
  3. D

    Standby question

    Hi Guys, If I have my lap top set to switch off HDD at 15min, Standby at 20m and hibernate at 30m, when in plugged in mode then will it still do all of these things if I am not there so there is no keyboard/mouse activity but there is an active download going on? IOWs do I need to change these...
  4. sganesh

    Need Help in creating online quiz application using JSP

    Hi, i am creating online Quiz application using JSP and MySQl ,Apache 6 in Netbeans IDE. i am able to successfully display first question from database,and can say the answer is correct or not,,but i can't implement the program further ,in such way that when clicking next button ,new question...
  5. dd_wingrider

    Going to Buy 2nd Hand iPhone, What Should I Look For

    Ok i am getting a cool deal for the iPhone 2G from some guy. He bought it from Dubai around 1 month back and says it all new and never used it. My question is what all should i look for before buying it. If he bought it from dubai, and he is not using it ,then it is certainly unlocked then i...
  6. veddotcom

    Relating to IP ADDRESS

    Hi Friends, I live here With my Room Mates, There are Two Computer Present Here and Both are connected Through LAN, We have an Internet Connection of a Particular ISP, Through which We Both Shares our Internet Connections, SO my Question is, Do we have Different IP address for both the System...
  7. P

    Best chipset for Core 2 Quad Q9550?

    I am going to buy hardware for my new pc and have some a question, what would be the best chipset for Core 2 Quad Q9550? Thanks, Pranav
  8. naveen_reloaded

    Subtitle for English Movies on TV - Ur Take ??

    Hi all.... I have been recently seeing more subtitle emerging in many english movie channels for many these subtitle can really be a great distracting factor... and isnt that odd to see a eng sub to eng film ?? which should be like a tamil sub for eng film or so... my question here is ...
  9. G

    Help Me Something About Laptop

    hello , i'm going to buy a laptop from us through my uncle, and it got a 1gb ram default and after getting my laptop can i able to upgrade to a 2gb ram and is it possible to do in india.particularly that the laptop which i'm going to get is not available in india and thats why i'm asking this...
  10. D


    i WANT TO BuY A NEW PENDRIVE. COUlD ANYBODY PlS. ASSiST me as to which one should I buy ???? my budget is around 1000-1300 & I m looking for a 4gb OR a 8gb one. someone would think this is a silly question to ask F0r buying of a pen-drive. i needed to ask this question 'coz there are lots of...
  11. K

    KVPY examination

    Hey, I'm in class 11th, preparing for the KVPY examination for the SA stream. Anyone given this exam before? How should I prepare? Where can I get previous years question papers? Thanks for all your help.
  12. A

    How to use smtp server of Gmail for Joomla?

    I tried much better than ever, But cant get solution for this question. please Help Me!!!
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