1. sidster

    Need to buy a phone next week (Galaxy S8)

    I would've filled out the questionnaire, but the basic question I have is whether the S8 is a good phone, or if I should wait for something better.
  2. R

    IPv4 Question

    Hey guys, I've been trying to figure out an answer i found long ago but need to re-affirm few things. Tried googling but maybe I'm not questioning correctly. So the question is - let's say there are 2 WAN IPs Do these 2 IPs belong to the same area? Let's...
  3. M

    DVD Drive Question?

    Hello, Sorry for the noob question, but I’m looking to replace my old DVD Drive (IDE), and I was wondering if the newer SATA Drives like the LG GH24NSB0 is compatible with my mother board:- Gigabyte GA-880GM-UD2H. Although my MB has a SATA II port, and my SMPS a SATA power connector, I’m...
  4. vedula.k95

    Want to extend my PC RAM to 8 GB

    Hello Forum, I built a PC last year in economy mode,and i installed 4 Gb Ram in it,UMAX,since then i am have been feeling like the ram is bottlenecking my overall performance,so here I drop my question list me some good rams of 8 GB,and what matters in gaming when compared to RAM. :lol: :lol:
  5. Gaurav

    buying one plus one

    Hi Friends, I am thinking of buying oneplus one. Is it true that this device is having issues as I found on it's forum like low volume while calling, heating up while charging/browsing/gaming, frequent app crashes and poor customer service (lack of spare parts available with service centre...
  6. G

    Windows 7/8 keys for 10-20 $ . Are they genuine and should 1 buy them ?

    Hello , Please check the link [H] Windows 7 / 8/ 8.1 | Servers | Office | Visio | Project | Visual Studio [W] PayPal,Credit Cards,AGC,BTC,Google Wallet,Venmo,Square Cash : microsoftsoftwareswap People have been reporting they work great. But the question is, are they legal and should 1 buy...
  7. cute.bandar

    Great battery life question

    So a year ago I bought a cheap lenovo a269i (256MB RAM, 1300 mAh ) for 4000 bucks . It costs about 3300 nowadays. Now I have continuously observed that its battery life last about 2-5 days with wifi-on, depending on usage. Its performance is also great. It never hangs, or stutters. Of course I...
  8. K

    Tablet Car Mount

    Hi guys I wanted a good tablet mount(without install) which i can order online using COD from amazon,Flipkart etc the car in question is a CRV and i want the tablet in the centre of the dash heres a pic of the dashboard which i found off the internet...
  9. RCuber

    The Blue/Black Gold/White Dress Question

    Ok for those who don't know, this blew up in the interwebs today. The dress below is seen by people as a Black/Blue and Some are saying its White/Gold People are debating how this could be possible, I couldn't read much. I checked this with 10+ people in my team and only me and another...
  10. S

    Ati Fire pro v4900 - Saphire or AMD which is better?

    Hi Guys, I have decided to purchase - Ati Fire pro v4900, mainly for Maya. I will also use Photoshop, Nuke, Mari and similar apps. My Psu is - Seasonic S12II 520 Watts. My question is - what is the difference between Sapphire's ATI v4900 and the Amd's Ati V4900? What tweaks or...
  11. Ironman

    HDD - Need of Formatting ?

    I have faced a scenario where i have to erase all the data in a HDD and fill it again one one by while sorting the files properly HDD in Question : Portable 1 TB Seagate Main Reason to do it : Fragmentation My Question. Which one is better ? Quick Format or Full Format ? Which of them will...
  12. H

    Questions related to nvidia shield, Xiaom under 10K phones etc.

    I have many question related to mobile world: 1. Recently released Modern Combat 5 supports which chipset as it cannot run on MTK6582. So, does it support MT6592 or Qualcomm MSM8228 Snapdragon. And how much RAM is required? 2. When will be Xiaomi Redmi Note will be available and will it be...
  13. D

    ZenFone 5 vs mi3? One Criteria...

    Hello all, Recently one of my roommate broke my beloved S2 :-( , now I am planning to buy a cheaper phone around 13k so zenfone 5 and mi3 give the best VFM and mi3 wins the race easily. But, the only constraint that I feel with mi3 is there after sales service, so my question is has anyone got...
  14. sling-shot

    One question you feel deserves to be answered by Deep Thought

    How to teach myself and my fellows on various fora around the internet stick to the topic? ----------------- Deep Thought is a computer that was created by the pan-dimensional, hyper-intelligent species of beings (whose three-dimensional protrusions into our universe are ordinary white mice) to...
  15. M

    Need help in Overclocking

    hi guys.i will be buying a new gaming pc and wanted to collect some info. about over clocking that how to and what is the use of overclocking.(i mean that i know,but my main question is how to overclock and if there are any harms of it)
  16. D

    RAM Config Question

    I have Kingston Hyper X Blue 1600 4 GB RAM currently in my machine. I am planning to upgrade it if I see some offer online. My question is Do I need to take same brand RAM or I can take any brand but with 1600 speed only?
  17. vedula.k95

    All Wordpress Mafias Help Me out.

    hey guys these days i am referring to Wordpress Site Tutorial of in 2010) and right now i have downloaded Bitnami + Wordpress bundle *i have some question in my mind do i have to use Wamp or it seems to me like the new bundle is already integrated with Mysql *i was blogging in...
  18. S

    Career Advice

    First of all hello. I am new to this forum and I found this section most relevant to post my question, so please forive me if I am in the wrong section and answer my question. I really need an answer. So, I'm about to choose my undergraduate course but I am confused about computer...
  19. Harsh Pranami

    Need help with Greedy Technique Problem

    Here goes the question. Given a class S of sets Si where 1<=i<=m. Let the size(cardinality) of a set Si be ji. A subset T of S, T={T1, T2, ........., Tk}, where Ti= Sr in S. T is a cover of S if U Tk= U Si , 1<=i<=m. A minimum cover of S is a cover of minimum size. Consider the greedy strategy...
  20. A

    Overclocking Pentium D 820 Processor

    Hey Guys, I have a 8 yr old Compaq desktop with a Pentium D 820 processor running at 2.8 Ghz with this motherboard Motherboard Specifications, RC410-M (Asterope2) | HP® Support Just for fun and some research purposes I want to overclock this CPU to above 3 Ghz. Now it has been a long...
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