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Anyone heard of Pantech mobile phones?


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Hi all,

I came across this deal on desidime (here). The phone has amazing Specifications. Only downside is the 256K color screen..

Seeing the unboxing and review on youtube (by fonearena, aaron), the phone seems quite good for this price tag (appx 7900/- )..

What are your opinions on this, should I buy this phone. I am not sure of the warranty and after sales support and what if the product received is faulty and not working as expected..
If it is a carrier locked then how can it be unlocked (is it good to buy such phones).? or should I not buy it.

Please help me understand these..



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this a korean brand and you won't get any service here. Best will be to grab something from Samsung, Motorola, LG or HTC with dealers warranty. At least you get the parts here.


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Thanks Sam.

I currently own a Samsung Galaxy I5801 and it has never given me any sort of problems. If the brand is good I think the purchase above will prove to be worth. Isn't it?

If I buy it will it work over here (in delhi/ncr) with airtel sim in it?

Developers support is also there for this phone ( I mean custom roms and all that...)


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You can trust Pantech brand. Of course the service will be a big problem. But if the deal is good, you can safely buy the phone.
FYI it's a very famous brand in east Asia.


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I currently own a Samsung Galaxy I5801 and it has never given me any sort of problems.
offtopic: you gotta be kidding me :shock: I always had problem with the POS :x

On Topic: I would suggest you to stick to the mainstream mobiles as suggested by Sam.
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