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  • For 0041, the upgrade path will be 0041 -> 0048 -> 0099 -> 0109 -> 0117.

    I'm currently using 0113 and anything above that (excluding 0117) was unstable for me. I recommend you upgrade to 113 instead of 117

    > for updating, use the Express BIOS update method for which you'll need the EXE files.

    > Also keep the .BIO file of the BIOS version you'll be upgrading FROM in each step in a FAT32 formatted pen drive. In my case, mu motherboard went kaput two times. initially, when you face the first kaput, google it. I dont remenber the bios version, but it was easily corrected by attempting a BIOS recovery with the next version bios.

    > In second kaput, you'll neeed to perform a bios recovery with the previous bios version.

    > the method for bios recovery is to remove the board jumper and insert the pendrive with .BIO file of the previous version. Use express bios update method for bios update,
    and as per intel's recommendation i tried bios recovery option by putting v48 .bio file in PD (FAT32).
    Removed the jumper after switching off my pc and nothing happened. Waited for more than 20min only the monitor status led started blinking.
    What to do.?
    Please help..!
    I don't know of any confirmation test. If it came for cleaning purpose, it should be IsoPropyl alcohol. You can try and see if it cleans off the thermal paste to be sure it is alcohol.
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