1. booobooo

    BoooBooo Seeks Help : Weird RAM Problem

    I Have A Kingston SD DDRII 800Mhz. 2GB RAM On My Computer. I Installed Another RAM Of Same Brand And Specs But The Computer Shows Only 3GB Instead Of 4 GB RAM. When The RAMs Are Put Individually They Both Show 2GB But When Put Together They Show 3GB Only. The Only Difference In The RAMs Is That...
  2. ajooba215

    No driver cd with laptop?

    I've purchased a lenovo y430..and the service man didn't give me the mobo driver cd..and said with these high end lappys v don't give the cd...he put a folder of drivers in ma lappy..is it true or is he shiting on me?
  3. ninad_mhatre85

    execute program when i click on folder

    hi i was just wondering is there any trick / work around to run any command when i click on folder ?? like for example i have folder A -> when i click on that one file ( simple scripts) will run and put entry of current time in one text file. or like autorun.inf for CD / DVD ?
  4. S

    Advice on cell phone shopping

    Hey fellows. I'm looking for an economical cell-phone which has : 1) Excellent keypad (for messaging ofc) 2) Good music capability (broke my mp3 player so..) 3) Camera (2MP or more NOT VGA) 4) Blue tooth(guess most phones now have this but still...) 5) Sleek and slim (so that it doesn't look...
  5. dare_devil

    help with c/c++

    please help me finding correct explanation for following problems 1:) int i=5; printf("%d", i++ *++i); 2:)int i=5,j=6; printf("%d",i+++j); 3:) what's difference between these two outputs, i mean why out put different j=5; i=j++ * ++j; and j=j++ *++j...
  6. hahahari

    Very Strange!

    I recently upgraded my pc to MB:Asus M2N MX SE PLUS Proc:AMD 2X 5200+ and added 2x1 gb DDR2 RAM The problem is when I put both the ram in, there is no display. When I used each ram individually, they work fine. Any help?:confused::confused:
  7. hjpotter92

    Enabling Autoruns

    Well, my autorun has been disabled, and I couldn't find a solution to it in the MS Troubleshoot... So just put it here.
  8. S

    windows Xp sp2 Booting problem

    Friends iam using windows Xp sp2.When i switch on my PC in the start up screen it displays press F9-fast recovery.Del-Bios setup but when i press del or f9 or any other keys dont work at all .Later after that screen it does not boot inside.But when i just remove the ram and put it back again it...
  9. s18000rpm

    PSU Fan

    I have a Zebronics 400Watt PSU (SMPS) which came with Zebronics Antibiotic cabinet. The PSU fan was very noisy, and so I removed the Zebronics PSU Fan & replaced it with HP’s [I had a HP Desktop PC lying idle]. As the HP PC’s PSU fan was very quite operating. I thought the PSU fan might be...
  10. C

    RAM not working!!

    earlier i was having asus A8NE mobo,which due to some reason suddenly stop working by producing beeps and no display on monitor.so i manage another mobo of winfast 939 socket,but to my surprise everytime i put RAM into it it stops working or starts rebooting again and again. i have kingston...
  11. a_k_s_h_a_y

    Assembling a PC and Advaced Knowledge

    Guys i want you experts to give me tips to assemble a PC in 10 Minutes straight. Then Also i want to have complete knowledge of PC parts and hardware, please let me know a good website where i can find it. here are my tips. First put things on the mobo, like the CPU 1st, RAM, then put all the...
  12. victor_rambo

    How is my wordpress theme?

    Hi guyz, How is my theme? Its a simplistic, image-less theme derived from one of Andeas Viklund's theme. Should I go ahead and put it for download? url: http://www.w3hobbyist.com Note, its quite green btw!
  13. N

    sharing reliance broadband on 4 lappy's

    got a new broadband connection from reliance today.. but i m confused about sharing it on 4 laptops all equipped with wi-fi's.. they hav a very different sort of fitting in which you dont need a modem to connect to the internet a direct cable comes and we can put it into the ethernet slot. i...
  14. P

    RAM Problem Part-2

    Hi! ya its me the one who had ram problem {I hav P4 2.4gz, intel 845gvad2 mother board,earlier i had 384 MB of ram one of 256Mb and another of 128Mb. and now i hav installed a new RAM of 512MB instead of my 128MB ram keeping 256 MB along. But my Motherboard detects only 512Mb of ram and not that...
  15. D

    Help with 3d analyze

    I want to run nfs mw with 3d analyze but I dont know what settings to put Help me!
  16. smile

    System not booting

    My system is not booting .....when i switch on am not getting display...i took out RAM and again cleaned it and inserted , again put to another slot and checked , even put a new ram and checked but its not booting....only monitor light is blinking continiously...I even check all the...
  17. N

    Putting scan mode off

    Hello friends i want t install 2 antivirus softwares, one is avg and another is Mccafee in order to avoid conflict between two softwares, Iwant to put scan mode off of one antivirus software, what is the procedure. thank you
  18. T

    A few simple motherboard queries

    hi, Pls help me with these. I am planning to upgrade my old PC, but the existing IDE HDDs have lot of data. My questions are: 1. Do all current boards that support upto Quad, have backward compatibility for IDE drives? 2. If yes, can I use just my old IDE drives or do I have to put at...
  19. A

    how to add text in my video

    is there any free software to add text in a video file like some sites who put a watermark on their videos i want to do the same
  20. quad_master


    Hey guyz! I think all the readers of Digit mags & this forum r directly or indirectly involved with IT. From the last few yrs we can see what the impact of IT upon our mother nature is. Energy requirement of IT is doubling worldwide every five years. At most only 12% of IT and communication...
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