1. H

    Samsung Galaxy s3 Or Samsung Note 2

    Guys I know there was a similar thread for the same but as I thought my requirement was a bit different, decided to start this thread. I have zeroed down to S3 and note 2 and went to the Samsung store to check them personally.. As I am planning to buy one of them before the year end...
  2. S

    Can we change faulty parts of motherboard ?

    Hi Last week my charging port of my ASUS motherboard in my laptop got damaged and is not working properly, so person from service center came and told that he will have to change the whole motherboard ( free as it's under warranty ). Now 3 days later they call and tell's me that that " They...
  3. F

    AC3 DLC Codes not working.

    Hi! I got an email from flipkart giving me a DLC Code for Captain of the Aquila. and I put it in steam, (I dont have game yet, not even shipped) And it's not working Can anyone help
  4. C

    Did I blow my hard disk?

    So I read about the hard drive speed limiting jumpers and immediately removed it from my 4 year old segate (or whatever) 7200.11 drive, hoping it'll be able to run @ 3gbps. But since then, my of doesn't boot. The fans are on, the drive is spinning, but there's no display, even when I put the...
  5. smashingdude

    Nexus 7 3G will work here?

    So guys, I am getting myself a Nexus 7 3g (32GB) from Germany. I wanted to ask if there would be any issue with indian carriers. Simply put, will 3G work with indian carriers like vodafone, Airtel, etc. Thanks in advanced. Good Day
  6. B

    Govt allows FDI in multi-brand retail, aviation

    NEW DELHI: India opened its supermarket sector to foreign chains on Friday after months of dithering, pushing ahead with the boldest reforms yet in Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's government as it tries to revive the country's tottering economic growth. The move allows global firms such as...
  7. R

    Phone with quick GPS lock

    I am in the market for a GPS device, but given the sophistication of current mobiles and the itch to try an android, i decided to buy a phone with an android. I tried HTC explorer and the GPS lock was fantastic, within 10-15 seconds, but since the phone doesn't have a compass, i am put off...
  8. N

    new gaming cafe in pune....need some suggestions!!!

    Hey guyz.....m planing to open a gaming cafe in pune soon....i have finalized a shop its near city pride, kothrud....m planing to put pc's and pool table..... want to ask pune guyz....is it a good place for a cafe??? just want to be sure before opening it!! and what all games should i put...
  9. S

    Need help in decrypting Files

    HI All, Need a Big time favor, so below is my agony.. I have a Samsung Galaxy SII phone. I had put a 4GB Micro SD memory card in the phone and encrypted using a password. then for some reasons i had to wipe my phone off.. so i removed the memory card(coz i was worried if it'll wipe my Mem...
  10. digit06


    Hi guys i got a problem in my PC i don't what is the problem actually biut i thing its mu CPU 's the problem is that one day when opened my PC when take every application s or some other or simply my system will restart so i thought my system file was corrupted so i tried formatting but...
  11. omega44-xt

    Usb 3.0

    Can i put a USB 3.0 port in my cabinet (front panel)? For that should i buy a new cabinet?
  12. dfcols71

    is it necessary to put the i/o shield in the case

    have build my system but forgot to put the i/o shield ,is it necessary to put it or can we from install it from the outside of the cabinet,i really dont really want to remove the motherboard from from the case standoffs because now the mobo is working after a cumbersome process,especially...
  13. @

    [For Sale] Samsung Focus *Like New* [unlocked]

    Temporarily removed. Will put back again in 4-5 days. Thank you.
  14. vickybat

    GTX 580 gets substantial price cut

    Finally it has happened. Nvidia has done significant price revisions for its 580 to clear inventory before kepler arrives and put a bit pricing pressure on 79xx series. Source
  15. N

    Help in buying LG washing machine

    Hello everyone, I would like to know the LG model no F8068NDP which is new for that matter the F8068LDP or F1068LDP one Does washing machine go slow and then pickup speed when it is put on spin mode or does it take the full speed i.e 800 or 1000 the moment the m/c is put on. Second can I...
  16. Rohan_B

    3G Queries

    My regular phone is an HTC Desire S. But these days I had an Xperia Ray to play around with so I put my SIM Card in it and started using it. There have been only 2 days of me using it when I got a message from Airtel that I have been given 500MB of 3G free for a month. I later learnt that this...
  17. S

    GRAPHICS card for gaming under Rs.5000.

    I have the following system spec: OS: WIN 7.0 Ultimate 64 bit Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 3.1 Ghz Sandy Bridge RAM: 4 GB DDR3 Motherboard:Intel DH61WW(LGA1155) with PCIe slot. SMPS: 450 W Zebronics Screen:17" LCD TFT VGA connector I am looking for a good gaming graphics...
  18. C

    Iphone apps for Bollywood Music

    Hi recently a number of iphone apps have been released where you can listen Indian music like Desi Radio,tandora,Bollywood RR,Hutke songs, Bollysongs, Dhingana etc .Some of them play internet radio stations and some even full songs from latest albums. I want to know how much royalty will...
  19. windchimes

    Need a free Mobile Application for Nokia E63 to record calls

    Hi Digitians, Let me first wish you all a very happy Diwali! As put in the title I wish to get a free call recorder for my Nokia E63. Is there any? Looking forward!
  20. S

    best pc assembels for gaming..

    hi guys i am planning to assemble a cpu... So i need better suggestions for choosing motherbords,ram,graphic card(2gb). I need core i3 2nd gen. So which mother board is best? And about graphic cards whether Nvidea or ati? 2gb. How much ram i have to put? And a HDD too. 500gb or more...
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