1. K

    Which Ram?

    Hi Guys, I have got INTEL DG965RY MOTHERBOARD on which I have put two RAMS. The one is Trancend 667 512 MB and the other is Trancend 667 1GB Ram. I want to put another 1 GB Ram. 1.Should I remove the Trancend 667 512 MB if I put another 1 GB Ram as mentioned above? 2.May I use Rams of any...
  2. bajaj151

    Relince GPRS on 5610 ..possible ??

    I am unable to use Reliance GSM GPRS on my Nokia 5610... I don't know..where to put the settings reliance sent to me...plz help me
  3. ionicsachin

    How to put a delay in execution in a C program?

    Hiii, I wanted to know how to put a delay of milliseconds or seconds at any step in a C program. On googling i came across sleep(), but its not a standard C funtion. Any suggestions?
  4. M

    How to put Ads in MyBB Forum

    Hi Friends, I have created a forum for my website and now I want to put some ads on the Forum like the Ads Come in Digit Forum Both the Side and in Top and I also Want the Ads in Between the Pages When User navigate from one page to another... Please help me to do this!!!! Thank you
  5. V

    HTC Touch Viva

    what is the maximum memory card I can put in this phone.Can I put an 8GB card?
  6. R

    Please suggest -smoke from sata harddisk

    Hi friends, 6 months ago i bought an sata external casing, used a 500 gb wd sata harddisk with it,then put that hdd in system and put a 250 gb pata harddisk in it[by changing the cables that came with it] today i purchased a samsung harddisk -sata 1 tb[ HD103UJ 1TB for Rs 4700] in lucknow...
  7. V

    Help....corei7 system is not booting

    Today when i start the computer all the 3 windows i.e xp, vista &windows 7 is not booting. when i click the "start windows normally"then xp loads but the welcome screen dont comes. i think that it is due to virus but when i try to install the fresh copy of windows xp then cd of xp dont boot...
  8. ironfreak

    Ho do I connect 200 LEDs ????

    Im building a temple for upcoming festival... Want to cover it with white LEDs from all sides... I just have questions... How do I connect the LEDs ? I mean how to make connections ? SO that when switch is put ON, all will glow at a time... And of course I will require adapter.. how much volts ...
  9. life31

    Which 5mp cam mobile???

    Looking to buy a new cellphone. Wanted one with a really good cam. Is any 5mp cam cell available for 15k range??? If not how much extra i'll need to put in for a descent one?? Trying to stick to my budget. Any other options in 3.2mp cams???
  10. JohnephSi

    Flight mode

    Hy friends could u tell me the real meaning of flight mode....whe=n we r on an airliner airhostess tol us 2 switch off the cell. can i put flight mode n enjoy the music or shall i follow da rules dr.......
  11. naveen_reloaded

    Vote Now ! Airtel New plan 30ps/50 KB Issue !!

    Hi guys All of u know that airtel removed all the plans which were beneficial for customerrs and put in only one plan of 30 ps / 50 KB for thier crappy GPRS/EDGE :-x ( <33 KBPS ) internet connection Please enter your vore here...
  12. FilledVoid

    Question about Paypal.

    Hey all, I have a question about Paypal. Is there a facility on Paypal where you could put certain amount of USD on your paypal account and be able to purchase stuff online. Example. user A has a paypal account however he does not have his card details entered (not verified) is it still...
  13. B

    Silica gel..!!!!!

    This is a bit weird question:oops:....but surely is important. Where can i get 'SILICA GEL PACKETS'. Except the medicine bottles. Need those to put in my Cabinet n some tronic products.....:razz: Thanks.........
  14. V

    Lenovo Laptop...

    Hi guys..Guys could u please put ur reviews for Lenovo laptops....
  15. V

    Can i create blog

    Dear sir, This is Vani i just impressed with your site its more helpful to learners. Now i have a doubt i.e. i want put my scientific papers in website, some of my friends told to me bolgger is the right method to put my papers. hence i need your help to learn and create blog. kindly give the...
  16. victor_rambo

    All paneer fans jump in!

    I just luv paneer. Any wedding or function I attend, I almost always lookout for a paneer preparation and icecream when I go to the lunch or dinner area :D Anywayz, today I just discovered that I can convert any gravy dish to a paneer dish without much effort. Here is how you do it: 1. Get some...
  17. D

    Anyone in Kolkata with a USB DVD drive?

    Hi there...is there anyone in here from Kolkata with a USB DVD drive? I really need it for my Asus 1000H but really don't have the cash to purchase it. I will just use your drive ONCE to put back XP on my machine. And Windows 7 too. I can pay for using your drive too. Thanks...
  18. dinesh_ddt

    "Open" to LINUX..!!

    Hi Guys, After years of playing around with windows i thought its time to move on to learn more..:-x i'm a newbie to linux i want it to try and play with it..;) suggest me a distro.. i currently have ubuntu and openSUSE with me.. which one can i put first ???:confused: NOTE: i know only the...
  19. M

    Why doesn't my hard drive let me save anymore stuff?

    I have a 500GB hard drive, I've only used 90GB so far but when i try to put more stuff into something it says there is not enough space on the disk. Plz someone help me!
  20. Faun

    Let's get in touch DF's

    I don't know what will happen in future ? Will this forum survive or not ? But we can try atleast to be in touch even if hell breaks loose. Here is mine email id: Gmail id: visio159 Put down your ids so that we can make a mailing list, and survive the aftermath together :D Let's be in...
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