1. S

    help!! comwarrior inside!

    i have a nokia n70..a file named comwarrior got into it via bluetooth.the phones switched off and on automatically.after a minute or two it again went off.the cycle repeated.the operator logo on screen was replaced by a logo "ComWarrior-Matrix has you".i removed the 512 MB MMC and switched on...
  2. subhajitmaji

    Putting the monitor on StandBy

    I dont want to wait for 1 minute to put my monitor at Standby. Neither I want to switch off the monitor by pressing the monitor power button. Are there any software which can help me to put my monitor at standby instantly. Can I do the same manually, i.e., without using any 3rd party software.
  3. H

    lcdmoniter vs lcd tv

    hiii every one i was planning to buy a lcd for my new house preferbly more30 inch but i heard that there r two types of lcd tv one is lcd tv and another one is moniter used in media centre pc. i have heard that we can buy a lcd moniter instead of a tv to save money...
  4. dunno

    MTV vma

    how many of u watched the vidio music awards? mtv really put up a great show this year. it was unique and definately the best compared to the previous yrs.and i must say the full credit goes to "jack black". fergie clearly put up the best red carpet entrance. i thought it was really really...
  5. A

    software 4lovkin partitions

    hi i wanted to kno whether ther is ne soft which i can use to lock or put a pass on ma drives so dat no one else can access em...
  6. EagerBeaver

    best antiTrojans program?

    What are this Trojans ? Which is the best antitrojan program ? Do I needs to put one on my pc? Or is my Avast Antivirus good enough ?
  7. L

    Pandora Tommorow Help

    Back to Feb this year, we went to Mumbai for study trip. I purcahse games from one of the shopping mall from Crawford. One is Splinter Cell : Pandora Tommorow. It is 4 CD package with #3 CD as game CD. I have installed that game on a good computer. When I try to play the game with CD #3, the...
  8. choudang

    Configuring SDSL connection in linux and using squid as proxy

    Hi to all.... after having some dates with windows... now i'm looking for a tux. configuring SDSL i'm having a 2 mbps sdsl connection in my office with a public IP x. I'm running it in windows with proxy server for 15 clients, but now it will increase to 20 clients. so i'm planing to do the...
  9. the.kaushik

    help me out! graphics card, which to use

    i have motherboard mercury 845gl. can any one say which graphic card can i put on it???
  10. rakeshishere

    Collapse Regedit Tree Without Disabling

    RegEdit annoyingly remembers the last key you viewed and then the next time you use the application, it is expanded to that section. There are other tweeks that change the permissions on the Regedit applet in the registry to deny access. That does work. However, in the process, you lose the...
  11. P

    Cell Phone Charging

    hi. charging a newly bought cell phone battery - is it comppulsory that we shud switch off the cell phone and put charge. why r they mention put charge for first run<intially> for 6hrs<is it??> <yes every cell ph shop syas this , when we buy a phone> wotzs drawback , if we kept cell phone...
  12. go_gamez

    nokia 6270 S40 APPLICATIONS

    i ve got a new nokia 6270 ...after usin i learnt tht i can put other *.sis applications it cauz ithas some S40 platform..does this mean i cant put any xtra applications ? or is there any site or has someone released softwares and allpications for this type moblie also... plzz tell me what to...
  13. niggers

    Suggestions needed.......!

    hey guys just tell me few things 1. which is the best antivirus? 2. how to chanage XP cd key for installing WMP 11 3. how to put image at the background of any folder in XP....like it used to be in win98........customize. Thnx Niggers
  14. A

    AVI to DVD

    Hi, I would like to convert my divx movies to DVD.How can i do this?. I got a lot of guides..they all tells how to convery one avi to DVD..Now a days we can see a lot of combo DVD's..ie: 2 or 3 movies in one DVD.How can I put more than one movie in to a dvd...so that there will be a menu...
  15. R

    How to put 789 of video in a 700mb disc

    same ..................... i have muzic videos of britney spears and the size is 789mb how can i put it in a 700mb disc ... ???????????
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