1. D

    Just bought One Plus 3, finally! Will put a review here soon.

    Finally, I bought OP3. -------------------------- OK, I just got the phone today. It is excellent in every possible way, but except three. Ok, let me be really honest about these. 1) It heats up when used with a back cover ( TPU Case or any plastic case), OK (my bad) otherwise it doesn't heat...
  2. sygeek


    KVvXv1Z6EY8 Site Steam store Demo Price: ₹ 565 Personal opinion: BUY IT! It's an amazing game! I literally got hooked the moment I started playing it. Now usually I play new games for couple of minutes and then put them in my backlog, and then start playing Dota2 again. Not this game...
  3. Anorion

    Watch multiple videos at once

    Ok, so you are Ozymandias or Batman or Sherlock from Elementary The idea is to do this : you put up an array of different video feeds and watch them all together. so it can be done on this site Youtube Multiplier : Mashup and mix up to 8 YouTube videos on a single page I had a go...
  4. P

    Nice Cheap Stereo Setup.

    My current audio system consists of an Asus Xonar DX and an Altec Lansing MX6021e, but from the past 1 and a ½ years, I have been thinking of a stereo setup to own; after reading an article on cnet where they put together a Lepai tripath amp with some cheap but decent bookshelf speakers...
  5. B

    graphics card

    Is it possible to put graphics card in hp G42
  6. E

    Price slashed for Yotaphone. Is it worth it now?

    Hi All, Noticed that the Yotaphone got a big price cut on flipkart. Now its available for 9k, getting a 64% price put. Do you think at this price tag it's worth? Thanks in advance.
  7. N

    Enter E-GPV Right Stick and Left Trigger problem.

    I was playing Alien Isolation and whenever I put my RS down the revolver comes up. I found my problem. But any solution to this? - - - Updated - - - This solution worked:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDK5CYcLupE
  8. I

    The Case For 30fps PC Gaming

    Pretty good case put forward by Eurogamer. Do make sure to check out the crysis gameplay video put on there. You'll be very impressed. The case for 30fps PC gaming • Eurogamer.net
  9. axelzdly1

    The best camera trigger till date?

    This device takes high speed photgraphy to the next level.. other perks included, must watch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQrLi5vKei4 Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/nerotrigger/miops-smartphone-controllable-high-speed-camera-tr Is it taking away all the fun...
  10. C

    Gaming laptop under 40k

    1) What is your budget? < 40k 2) What size & weight consideration (if any) would you prefer? anything would do.. I assume all in that range would be 15 6 though... 3) What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook? Gaming is the top preference...followed by...
  11. Chetan1991

    How to record data stats and manage users of ADSL modem router

    Hello everyone. I have tplink td w8968 adsl2+ modem + router and I want to monitor how much data has been downloaded and uploaded by each device connected to it. Is it possible to do so, and if so, how? Also, does setting up guest network put significant overhead on the router? Is it going to...
  12. G

    My mobo bursted

    Hi, Today i tried testing a SSD and the moment i put it the CPU my motherboard bursted. Can you tell me why this happened? Would welcome any suggestion!!!
  13. GhorMaanas

    Email configuration in MS Outlook 2007 (for MTNL)

    Hello everyone! i was trying to set-up an email account just now, in MS Outlook 2007. i have an MTNL (Mumbai) connection. for the incoming POP3 server, i put the address as pop.mtnl.net.in, and for the outgoing mail server, as, smtp.mtnl.net.in. have put the username same as the username in the...
  14. sanny16

    wireless router query

    Can i use TP-LINK TL-WR740N 150Mbps Wireless N Router as a wifi providing device? I have a static ip broadband connection and if i put the rj 45 cable into the router directly without using modem will it work?
  15. Nanducob

    How To Create a Cool Gamer Tag

    Hello Gamers, I'd like to know how you selected/made your own gamertag.Dont tell me to google it or send me to those ''create cool names/create automatically generated gamertag '' websites because all i got was crap when searching it,like Mr. Mourning:-o,sh3tsoldier8-),papasmurf:wink: etc...
  16. Flash

    Picture Your Number

    Picture Your Number [BANDWIDTH WARNING] Thought of making a forum game for fellow TDF'ers. Rules are pretty simple.. Just increment the numbers with the post above you, and reply it with a picture. Picture with the number don't have to show the number explicitly. But, the number should...
  17. J

    What is this component for on corsair h100i

    Hi I just purchased corsair h100i for my i7 3770k. I have no problem and fitting and working was fine. But there is this component - I don't know what purpose it serves and how to fit it. According to manual, i had just to be kept on that block after putting it on processor and put some...
  18. P

    Screwed up bad! Please help!

    Guys I screwed up pretty bad. So recently my CPU temps while gaming has going upto 85-90, which I know is bad. I have an i7 2600k. So I opened up the pc and cleaned it thinking it was a dust problem, but there was little to no dust. So I opened the CPU cooler, and I use the stock cooler they...
  19. Godoftheforbiddenlight

    need help in buying a camcorder

    hey guys i need to buy a camcorder mainly to do a documentary .....i will be working in dark places and sunny places......still photography won't hurt but isn't a neccesity....full hd is preferred but won't go in the lacs for it.........i don't know how much these things costs so i'll put up...
  20. B

    Neea new RAM

    Hi... i have an HP laptop HP Pavilion G6-1318AX Laptop (APU Dual Core A4/ 2GB/ 320GB/ DOS/ 1.5GB Graph) - HP: Flipkart.com i need to put another ram a 4gb one and i need advice.. i don't know what is my frequency of current RAM. please help me....
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