1. sidster

    Need a desktop for gaming under 40k

    Guys I'm looking for a gaming desktop. Was previously thinking of a laptop but my budget is not much. Also should I buy a ps4? I'm getting it chea Btw I don't own a desktop as of now. P.S. if you suggest me to buy a desktop, also name the specs .
  2. R

    PS4 from canada. will the NTSC standard there cause problems?

    i wanna get a ps4 from canada as its almost half the price, but upon asking my relatives there hey told me that i may encounter some problems because of the ntcs/pal standards (im in india using PAL systems). so my question is will there be any kind of problem? and more importantly will the PAL...
  3. Gollum

    PS4 selling for 34k on Shop Clues.

    Online Sony Playstation 4: Play The Future First Prices - Shopclues India
  4. G


    Well i live in Howrah,Bally(kolkata) i was thinking about buying the ps4,but the games titles cost is too much and was wondering does anyone know where we can sell/trade in ps4 games for cash? Ill be like buy ps4 games,finish them off and sell them..i have also seen game4u but has any1 traded in...
  5. V

    Suggestion for PS4

    Hello, I am happily using my PS3, now came to know that "Uncharted 4" and "Assassin's Creed " are going to be released only for PS4. So planning to buy PS4 but the price of PS4 in India is insane hence if I get a PS4 from US will it work here? I know the games are not region locked, but...
  6. lywyre

    Need advice on new gaming cafe

    Hi, My friend is planning to start a new cafe exclusive for gaming at Vellore (TN). He wants to know the procedures involved, the licensing for starting the cafe. 1. License from the governing body - What and how? 2. Going to be steam oriented, is anyone aware if steam provides any...
  7. Cyberghost

    How to backup the downloaded games from PSN on PS4 to DVD?

    Hii I'm planning to buy a Playstation 4. I heard that Games are on PSN store are much cheaper than physical discs.My question is that how can I backup a downloaded game from PS4 hard drive to a DVD and how to restore it(like steam). Is it possible. I have a slow crappy BSNL broadband:cry: . So...
  8. iittopper

    Injustice: Gods Among Us - PC

    PC version - hell yeah :D The Injustice: Gods Among Us Ultimate Edition launches for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Vita, Xbox 360 and PC on 29th November 2013. Microsoft's next-gen console is nowhere to be seen. The Ultimate Edition includes all original game content as well as...
  9. Sarath

    Has the gap between PC and Console finally been overcome?

    A few days back, I jumped into the middle of a discussion (fight) about consoles and PCs to ask my query. Why is that graphics dont seem to be improving anymore? All the fight about PS4, Xbone, PS3, PC, now they all look the same to me. I was told that hereon there wont be any visual changes...
  10. P

    Got 60k to spend

    Hello people, I am in hell of a dilemma I have 60grands to spend, but am really confused, I own a nexus and an iPod touch 5g and love the iOS interface, I also have 3 PCs and mac but none of them can game we'll except the mac (I know that sounds weird) can run some games on low settings and that...
  11. T

    Sony PlayStation 4 at E3

    Priced at $399 (Rs. 23150), the PS4 is set for release later this year in the US & Europe. The PS4 will play used games without any restrictions or authentication. In broader terms, that means that when you purchase physical media, that disc can then be traded-in at retailers like GameStop...
  12. R

    Buying PS3 now??

    Hi All, Lately, I am starting to think about having a console at home specially after realizing the fact that consoles indeed have an upper hand in new releases and also better games than pcs (I am a hardcore pc gamer and yet thinking of a console too) I have no/less experience with...
  13. vickybat

    Sony PlayStation 4 discussion | Trolls will be banned

    //MOD: This thread is for PS4 discussion only. For anything related to Xbox One, post here: * For Nintendo Wii U, use this thread...
  14. Desmond


    :hyper: The Master Thief Garett is back with the new Thief reboot, which is now in the works. This series is one of my all time favourites with Thief : The Dark Project, Thief 2 : The Metal Age and Thief : Deadly Shadows. I am damn excited for this one. Announcement trailer ...
  15. S

    what to buy

    I am a serious gammer in this summur i am planing to buy a new console what should i buy xbox or ps3 or psvita or wait for ps4
  16. L

    Anyone saw the new PS4 controller

    This is the new PS4 controller prototype . The company which revealed this image said it is 100% real but is an early prototype . It is said to have an motion controller (he shiny blue screen at the top) . what do you think is it wonderful or horrible. I think it is not good and should...
  17. vickybat

    Happy birthday NvidiaGeek

    Hey many many happy returns of the day man. :) Sorry for the delay mate coz everybody i guess were busy with ps4 and titan today. :grin:
  18. Gollum

    PlayStation 4 Announced!!!

  19. RCuber

    PS4 Announcement on 20th Feb?

    Looks like Sony would be announcing PS4 way ahead of Microsoft.. :) *
  20. L

    PS4 news and details

    This Thread is about PS4.
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