1. V

    Console Gaming Cafe in Pune

    Hey guys, I was planning on launching a PS4 gaming cafe in Pune in the coming months. Would you guys be interested? Any games you would like to see? Where would you like the cafe to be located? (For now I was planning something near Kalyani Nagar but I'm open to suggestions) It's going to...
  2. K

    Gamers, I am doing research on eye fatigue

    Hey gamers! So I am undertaking a project wherein I have a 5 question survey asking about gamers getting eye fatigue when playing for a long period. Link: Would you use Eye Protection for Gaming? This basically asks you about eye fatigue when you game and if & how much you're willing to spend...
  3. Randy_Marsh

    should I get PS4 Pro or PS4 Slim?

    Hi Guys, I am planning to purchase PS4, and totally confused on which one should I buy? Reasons being: 1) The price difference is huge (Slim 500GB @ Rs. 26990/- vs Pro 1TB @ Rs. 38990/-) The 1.50 firmware version features support of external hard drive (just like xbox one), so internal...
  4. Stormbringer

    Need FullHD monitor for PlayStation and Laptop.

    Hey Fellas, Need your suggestions for a New Monitor. 1. Budget? 10k to 15k. 2. Display type and size? 22 or 24 inch IPS FullHD 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? Gaming with PS4 Pro and General web surfing,movies,programming when connected to a laptop. 4. Ports Required? 2 HDMI or (1...
  5. P

    Is LeEco Super3 X65 a good choice for Gaming with PS4?

    1. Budget? A. About 60k. 2. Display type and size? A. Depends on the resolution I can get in my budget. 3. Primary use of Tv/monitor? A. Console Gaming (PS4), Movies 4. Ports Required? A. Yes, but not much idea in this regard 5. Preferred choice of brand? A. Need your...
  6. GhorMaanas

    UPS - APC BR1100-CI v/s BX1100-CI

    Hello everyone, I need a UPS for my PC, which has the following components: - Asus P8Z68 V-pro motherboard - Intel i7 2600k processor - 8GB DDR3 RAM - MSI N580GTX Lightining III GPU (to be changed to either Strix GTX 970 or AMD r9 280 soon) - Asus Xonar DX sound card - Canon Pixma MP280...
  7. samudragupta

    Mobile gaming to pc gaming

    Hi friends, I'm 33 and finally am joining the league of gamers :) after convincing my mom.... Lol yea even at this age moms keep bugging us guys "ye umar main kya bacho jaise games khelta hai". So to the main topic, I'm confused here friends. i just got a 59 inch led TV. I was planning to get...
  8. S

    Ps4 headset/ear piece with mic for below Rs 2000

    Hi, My default earpiece which came for ps4 is broke. I am looking for an average ear headset for chatting and gaming purpose. I am not a big audiophile , just need a decent headset . Please advise. Cheers
  9. ajayritik

    Should I buy PS3 or PS4

    For long time intended to buy either PS3 or any other gaming console to go with my Samsung Smart TV 46". Had to delay it for reasons such as having to invest again in Game disks etc. But now intend to go for one. It will be mainly for me, wife and our 5 year old kid. There seems to be...
  10. GhorMaanas

    Steelseries 7H Apple Edition

    Expected Price (Rs): 3000 Item Condition: 5 out of 5 Purchase Date: April 2016 Remaining Warranty Period: None (no invoice)...
  11. bssunilreddy

    Upcoming PS4 titles...

    Upcoming PS4 titles in 2016... Uncharted 4:Thief's End, (I like most)Does not come to PC alas Tom Clancy's: Division, No Mans Sky, (I like most)Does not come to PC alas The Last Guardian, Horizon Zero Dawn,(I like most)Does not come to PC alas Dishonored 2, Unravel...
  12. Xai

    Buying a new PS4 or three!

    Hello All, Two of my friends and I are planning to buy new PS4s. Both my friends are going for the 1TB GoW3+Infamous: Second Son bundle, while I have not decided yet. But I want Last of Us for sure - whether buy the game alone, or buy the bundle. A few queries: 1. What's the advantage...
  13. GhorMaanas

    PS4 from US

    Hello everyone! me and a friend are contemplating buying PS4 this month, placing order on amazon US, getting the consoles shipped to his cousin's address who would then get them to us later this month. i have some queries on that (newbie regarding new-gen consoles)....hopefully someone would...
  14. V

    UPS for PS4

    Hi, I recently brought a PS4 and now looking forward to buy a UPS for it. Can someone suggest a good UPS under 2.5k. Thanks, Vicky
  15. chimera201

    Need a TV

    Need a TV so that my mother can watch saas-bahu serials in high definition with all the extra makeup. I don't watch TV that much but there is a slight chance that I might get a PS4 so the TV should go well with a PS4. Don't have any specific feature requirements other than being VFM. Should have...
  16. D

    [Want to Buy] Looking for an used/imported PS4

    Hey there, I am looking for an used/imported/ PS4 which should be in 10/10 condition. Please let me know your offers.
  17. Cyberghost

    Shenmue III

    Shenmue 3 is the true sequel to the classic open world action RPG games, Shenmue and Shenmue 2. Created for modern platforms (PC and PlayStation 4) and built in Unreal 4, Shenmue 3 will continue the legacy of Shenmue. Shenmue 3 will have familiar elements from its predecessors and new fight...
  18. R

    Sony PS4 at 19000/-

    Hi, I want to buy Sony PS4, for better deal I started searching on website. I found that one dealer is selling PS4 on quikr at 19000/- (almost 50% discount). He has also mentioned that it is 100% brand new with 100% full warranty. I am not much sure about this. Anyone has any idea about this...
  19. sam_738844

    Sony has just announced their latest PlayStation Flow.

    PlayStation Flow combines PS4 gaming with real-life swimming. When you get to an underwater section of a game like The Last of Us Remastered you can hit pause, head to your nearest pool, dive in and resume playing through PlayStation Flow. With underwater environments in games becoming more and...
  20. P

    Ps3 / ps4 / xbox 360 / xbox one??? Which one (Urgrnt)

    Hi guys i need help quick I have some relatives in dubai Now,i am planning to ask them to bring me a console I Plan To Buy Ither Xbox 360/Ps3 combo or ps4 or Xbox one(if price is less or without accessories both xbox and ps4 are avalable under budget then both of next gen consoles)...
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