1. L

    Ps4/Orbis news :hissyfit:

    PS4 release date, news and rumours UPDATED Is the Sony PlayStation 4 destined for a Christmas 2013 release date? By James Rivington June 28thCOMMENTS PS4 rumours are slowly gathering pace Related stories PS4 specs 'revealed' to be off-the-shelf PC components Xbox 720 to be a 16-core...
  2. vickybat

    PS4 and Xbox 720 Graphics Specs leaked

    This is an interesting piece of information guys. The ps4 is all set to feature desktop class hardware and everything from cpu to gpu is going to be amd. The cpu is going to be an A8 3850 quadcore with a radeon 6550 integrated. Not only this, ps4 will also get a discrete gpu i.e a radeon 7670...
  3. Sarath

    Next Gen Console discussion ( PS4 'n Xbox One'n Wii U )

    Next Generation Console Discussion There are too many threads with the same topic. I am hence merging all of them. DO NOT create any more threads for discussion about the next generation of consoles, lovingly known as PS4 and Xbox720 (although the latter is more of a guess) I am hereby...
  4. S

    No Playstation4?

    I've been reading for some time that Sony may/will not launch PS4. Is it true?
  5. naveen_reloaded

    Speculation: PlayStation 4 Hardware, Security, Release Dates

    Over the last two months numerous articles on the PlayStation 4 have surfaced ranging from PS4 Cell Architecture to PS4 Spec Info, and even an article on simply Ignoring PS4 Rumors. Today, eDepot (linked above) has done some PS4 speculating of their own, covering numerous aspects including PS4...
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