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  • Any chance of a small review of the LG 42LB5610 ? Just a few lines on your TV thread maybe :)
    i like the scene in LoTR II when Gollum dives into a pond & catches fish (his acting at that time was too good) and sings a song :mrgreen:
    Yup. It is tracked and insured. It should be safe. The insurance value is limited to ¥6000 though. Although the fact that they bother to insure it is good enough to convince me that they will take care of the package.
    what do you normally use?
    You saw the aramex package from US right?
    my heart sank when i saw the banged up box
    im gonna get lee xiayou figure. but I need your advice about the best carrier.
    today evening i actually went to zenith and he agreed to give me 3k for my parts without buying anythingis that price ok for my proccy,mobo and ram(you can see config in my siggy)
    i am ready to buy from prime but the thing is he don't have the gigabyte 880gm-usb3 motherboard and telling that it is not arrived to the market yet.
    brother you have completed E and E from MIT and still no job:shock:why?
    my house is near mgm only and is that zenith a good shop to buy parts?the thing is all of them are costly.i asked mahalasa and he was quoting 2000 more for mobo and processor than the smc,and prime was quoting just 100rs more for proccy than smc but he didn't have the mobo which i asked.do you know any one else to whom i can sell my parts without buying from them?
    btw what is your job shedule and where it is,whether is it in manipal or udupi?
    brother do you know any one to whom i can sell my processor,mobo and ram second hand as i am thinking of upgrade.
    yes my native place is Hiriadka,but stayed in shimoga and now studying 2nd year B pharm in MCOPS,manipal.btw whats your actual name and where you are staying in manipal?so that we can meet some day.
    My cousin is studying in MIT but he joined recently to mechanical.also my aunt is electronics lecturer in MIT.you may be knowing kanthi hegde.
    I came to know that you are from udupi long before from you only while you were answering some of my question and yesterday i was just going through your profile and found ssb1 asking about you leaving to manipal.like this i came to know that you are from manipal.BTW which is your home city?which branch and year in MIT?
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