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  1. L

    Inserting Images

    Friends i am a newbie can u please tell me how to insert images in our posts/reply Actually i tried by pressing insert image icon but it says please enter the url of image but the image resides on my PC
  2. S

    Monitor Problem

    I have IBM E74 17'' CRT Monitor. From 1-2 days the menu of monitor is displaying again n again, without pressing any button of Menu. Please tell me what is the problem n the solution. Thanks.
  3. G

    Problem in Booting Windows XP

    Whenever i boot the system, after checking the RAM memory and Drives the system stops with a message - Press F1 to Resumeant to boot from the network. The system can only be booted after pressing F1. I disconnected the net work connection and still boots normally after pressing F1. System...
  4. rajat22

    Customize Your Settings troubles, IE 7

    Whenever IE 7 is started it is always directed to But the screen shows blank. On pressing home ... it is normal. How to get rid of it? It is not the home page. Running XP PRO Legal & updated version.
  5. Kaushal Hiwarkar

    How to hide folder

    Friends is there any free utility or software to hide a folder , if possible the whole drive. If yes then plz tell me I am in a desperate need of such utility. One more problem I am pressing right click of my mouse but it doesn't show any property window. However by pressing property button...
  6. J

    No run, No taskmanager ??????

    Dear friends iam facing a problem if i go start ---- run -- we cannot see the run option there or if try to go to run by pressing windows button + R it is giving a message that "ADMINISTRATOR HAS DISABLED RUN" If we try to go to taskmanager by pressing crl+ALT+DELETE the same message is...
  7. varunbhide

    memory write error

    i'm, using win xp with sp2. recently, whenever i try to open any program (such as subtitle workshop or the like), i get an error message saying "failed to write to memory, click ok to terminate or cancel to debug". on pressing either of the buttons, the program shuts down. could someone please...
  8. Kaushal Hiwarkar

    Laptop Problem(Compeq Presario )

    I have a Compeq Presario laptop now the problem is that earlier my laptop is fine but now as I start my laptop, WinxP OS get loaded but I can't see my desktop Icon, My Startup(START), I mean to say that I cant see anything only wallpaper is shown.Mouse is working but as I click it can't do...
  9. S

    right clicking disabled.

    I can right click on START but I can't right click on "mydocument, "my pictures", etc which appear when I press start. (not the ones on desktop). On pressing "start", start menu comes up. I can't right-click anywhere on it. can anyone help me?
  10. S

    dead pc help needed

    i have a pc with gigabyte ga 8i915g duo motherboard and intel 630 proc. last night i shut down my pc properly but today when i tried to on it nothing happened after pressing the power switch. after pressing the power switch even the power supply fan is not working . so i check all the...
  11. whoopy_whale

    Unable to right click...plz help

    I've got a strange problem...I can't right click on a file..When I right click on something other than folders,for example,a file a message is shown and all windows are closed and the desktop loads again. This is the message I've been getting... I can't even delete a file...renaming by...
  12. kool

    Prob... Prob... Prob....

    Dear friends, i've some problems...... 1--- My CHKDSK runs automatically at every start. i've to cancel every time by pressing any key. i've 4 partitions. C, D, E, F. On [C:] winXP installed only!! and on [D:] program files. how can i disable my autorun scandisk??? 2--- i'm...
  13. nach p

    Booting error

    I installed FC5 on vmware workstation.After installation it showed following error -: Booting Fedora Core (2.6.15-1.2054_FC5) root (hd0,0) filesystem type is ext2fs,partition type 0x83 kernel /vmlinuz-2.6.15-1.2054_FC5 ro root=/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00 rhgb quiet Error 15 :file not found...
  14. K


    :( i assembled a new system with the following athlon 64 3200+ ASUS A8N-E mobo XFX GeForce 6600GT 256MB PCIe 2x160GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.9 SATA 1 HDDs 2x512MB Transcend Jet RAM modules (2.5,3,3) VIP 400W PSU my problem is that the even after checking and rechecking the...
  15. linardni

    Can't enter BIOS settings...Help!!!

    The system battery of my second hand PC (P3, 533 MHz, 6.5 GB HDD, Win 98) is dead. Whenever I boot my computer I have to press F1 key. I replaced the system batery with a new one and tried to enter into the BIOS setting pressing <DEL> while booting. However I couldn't enter the BIOS setting as...
  16. S


    I saved a skirmish game in Age of Empires III but when I load it, the game just refuses to resume!! I just can't make the "Games Paused" thing go away!! Nothing happens....i tried pressing every key on the keyboard but I can't make the game resume after loading. I remember that the same thing...
  17. A

    A problem wirh XP Home

    In my office PC with Win XP Home, when I do the three finger salute to Redmond (Ctrl-Alt-Del) I do not get the screen that I get at home. It is more NT like with buttons of Task Manager, Shut down, Log off etc. And despite pressing task manager, nothing happens lately. Though with XP, I do not...
  18. q3_abhi

    S.M.A.R.T Failure

    I have a 20gb samsung Hardisk. Recently ,I have started getting n error- SMART: Failure detected on ur hard drive.Immediately Backup ur harddrive n replace it. Then i have 2 press F1 2 continue. After pressing F1 computer starts normally. I found no such option in bios to disable it Such as...
  19. A

    Keyboard Problem, etc.

    Hi Guys, Currently I am facing three difficult problems on my computer. The configuration of my computer is Gigabyte GA-8SMML motherboard, P-IV, 512 MB RAM, NVIDIA Display Card and 2 Hard Disks of Seagate (40MB & 80MB). I have Win XP SP2 (default OS), Win 98SE and PCQ Linux on...
  20. adit_sen

    winxp unresponsive after internet connection

    hey guys, pls help me out here. wheneva i connect to da net, no progs run in winxp. the comp doesnt hang, cuz i can access the start panel, my computer etc. but if i try running any prog such as my browser (opera , firefox), msn messenger, or any other program for that matter, nothing opens up...
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