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    MSN32.dll error

    I have a computer with win98 OS. When i start computer on the time of displaying desktop it gives a message "msn32.dll error". n after pressing OK it starts. now how can i disapear that message?
  2. D

    Antivirus Installation

    When I try TO install Zone alarm with antivirus It hangs for some itme Then when I check to see what has happened By pressing Alt+Ctrl+Del There is something link this Glbb364(not responding)
  3. N

    cd tray

    HELLO FRnds i am using win2k and lg cd writer. my need is that. how can control cd tray using mouse?. mean we can eject the cd by pressing eject from the right button menu. like that how can take in the cd tray?...
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    Y! Messenger easter eggs!

    :lol: Hi geeks! Can n e 1 tell me easter eggs for Yahoo Messenger 6.0, if they r available? Can I do something like shut down my friend's PC by pressing few keys? Looking for +ve replies Bye and have a good day (or nite)
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