Laptop Problem(Compeq Presario )

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Kaushal Hiwarkar

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I have a Compeq Presario laptop now the problem is that earlier my laptop is fine but now as I start my laptop, WinxP OS get loaded but I can't see my desktop Icon, My Startup(START), I mean to say that I cant see anything only wallpaper is shown.Mouse is working but as I click it can't do anything.
I dont know how to recover OS . I tried by pressing F8 or Del after restarting. but only wait mono (hour glass mono) comes and system get hanged.
Plz help me.:(


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Ideally, after installing update or any activity which requires post boot processings lead to this problem. You should wait for some time. In my case a few times I waited for as long as 5 to 10 mins to get things done by itself. Hopefully things will workout once the updates/installations etc are completed.

Try Vimal's advice above and also from the Taskmanager try starting Explorer manually. Hopefully it helps you out


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Pres Ctrl_alt_del and goto processes. See if a process named explorer.exe is running. If not, goto Applications tab, cilck on New Task.. Enter explorer and press enter. See if this method brings in the desktop...


i faced exactly the same problm.

you can bring the Explorer by opening Task Manager

Ctrl+Alt+Del ->(in TaskManager) File-> New Task(Run) -> type explorer

but i could bring the system back to its working state by doing System restore.

u can do it frm the TaskManager's run command (same as start->run)

just wait a minute i'll give u the steps on restoring thru this


if u wanna do sys. restore, follow these steps.
open up the SYSTEM RESTORE APP.type this in New Task->


btw vimal, i think he said the busy icon(hour glass) for when trying the F8 method (safe mode).
@Kaushal Hiwarkar are your problm's symptoms same as mine

=>opened up the TASK Manager & under the PROCESS TAB --there was nothing<=
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there are two main things that u need to look out for

1> boot up program listing
start>run>msconfig> startup
see what is running at ur start up .. uncheck the programs which u dont want like the real player updater.. acrobat reader speedup .. office startup etc ...

2> install bootvis ( google it )
optimize the system

3) get a coke chill out

i guess this will solve the lappy problem and coke will chill ur overheated brain :)
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