1. S

    PC not boot-up.

    Hi, I recently change my HDD after first was corrupted. Now when I install my new HDD my PC won't run up. Motherboard green light for power is on but after pressing power button not even CPU fan is running. Whats the problem in this?? How to resolve this?

    how to disassemble logitech mk 320 keyboard

    recently my keyboard is behaving strange causing lot of discomfort. on pressing v calculator opens. pressing del doesn't delete and instead prints ]. shift acts as alt+tab. q prints as 0q and sometimes nothing. ctrl sometimes doesn't work. I did everything to solve this like changing...
  3. root.king

    BIOS access

    guys i want to access my graphics card BIOS but how can i access it like we always do access to motherboard bios by pressing 'del','f1'.'f2' keys
  4. M

    @function of numeral 2 of key board not working

    can some one suggest the remedy for the above. whenever I type @,while pressing capslock or shift key only "2" is being typed always. is it a hardware problem?
  5. vishalg

    can only boot by pressing mem ok!

    i am able to boot only by pressing the mem ok button (twice) on by asus m5a97 evo board, it gives continuous 1 long and 2 short beeps and the dram led on the board is lit. i have 2x2 gb corsair ddr3 value rams @1333 1. i have tried clearing cmos by jumper as well as removing the battery...
  6. R

    cs 1.6 problem!

    guys i have aHP MINI 110-3106TU. and i just downloaded cs 1.6 on it. The problem is that we have to press F1 button to automatically get a weapon at the start of the game, but my useless dabba opens up a HP HELP AND SUPPORT box on pressing pls help!! maybe thats the shortcut key for...
  7. IronCruz

    Windows XP Restart LOOP!!!

    Hello Everybody. My friend has a problem with his PC. Thee problem is when he switch on the system he gets the page about "Start Window Normally" etc.. After pressing it, it will enter into Disk Check up. After completion the system restarts and this keeps on repeating!!! Please help!!
  8. ay_aceoo7

    pc turns on automatically

    pc turns on automatically without pressing the power button... :?:
  9. D

    Anybody using KM Player, need help

    whenever i am trying to watch old encoded movies using KM Player, which had different audio channels (5.1, stereo, etc), i am not able to hear the voices, but only the music. But, when i switched to VLC player and changed the audio channel to stereo i got everything i wanted... Is there...
  10. Zangetsu

    System Boot Problem

    Hi Guys, from last week I m getting this problem. I m using NZXT Gamma. Problem: When I press the button on Cabby to start doesn't get start...then after pressing the button 2~3 times it starts & boots & then works perfectly... why it is not ON on 1st click?
  11. K

    Booting issue, please help me out

    I'm using my desktop since 5+yrs; which has 845GVSR Intel original motherboard; in between I've upgraded processor to 2.66ghz from 2.4ghz, and I've added one 256mb RAM using another slot (Already it has 256), now the issue is that, since from few days, whenever I'm switching on the power supply...
  12. ayushman9

    unknown bug in mercenaries 2 pc version

    I installed mercenaries 2 and patched it to version 1.1 ,every thing i working fine but in the beginning level (about 9% of career ) where you have to hijak the kidnappers car , i successfully in finding the car . After that when i pressed "e" near the rear a cut scene appears along with a...
  13. binilmb

    Help me

    Hi everybody, From the last two days i am having a serious problem. My systems power cut off unexpectedly. Is it the problem of my SMPS ?. And also when I am switch on my system, it doesn't start. But pressing the power button for 5 or 6 times or more it starts. another...
  14. P

    shut down problem........

    hello friends, I m using windows xp pro. My modem burnt due to lightning and it caused some sparking. . After that when I shut down my pc, it keeps on displaying the message that windows is shutting down but does not shuts down and I have to turn off pc by pressing power button. keyboard and...
  15. hskpunjabi

    how to install f secure anti virus given in memory card of n73

    hi friends, f secure anti-virus's icon is visible in tools menu but when i open it ,it says "download n' install f secyre " on pressing yes it starts opening web page n' then say no connection available...what to do/???:!::!:
  16. binilmb

    help please

    From the last two days I am facing different type of problem. i.e when I am downloading a file from the internet using ie explorer or firefox, the file saving window appears but the file name column automatically fills with the letter "j". not one letter, it is like we are pressing that key...
  17. C

    about booting

    why I am not able to boot my computer by pressing ctrl+alt+del ?
  18. vavinashraju

    how to start xp automatically

    i live at a place where current keeps on going so i have to restart every time the current goes there anyway by which the xp starts automatically after the power comes without me being pressing the restart button...i m not having an ups....i searched in google but didnt got anything
  19. Log_net2

    How to get out of the car:the Godfather-the game?

    I could get in the car by pressing space or T (default)but could not get out by pressing space or T.I searched and tried all the keys.Not working.Help.thanks
  20. enticer86

    Ctrl + Alt + Del not working

    Hi frnds, Attached image shows the screen I get after pressing CTRL + Alt + Del.. Theres no menubar. What could be the problem?
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