1. TheMost

    Help me out !!

    Playback Issue on Dell Studio 1557! Hey guys , I have a desktop and a laptop at home I got the laptop just a year back Dell studio 15 customized around Rs.63,000 Comes with an ATI mobility Radeon HD 4570 The Desktop : CPU Type : QuadCore Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, 2400 MHz (9 x 267)...
  2. S

    buying power DvD 10

    i m thinking to buy a new media player, for which i m thinking for the new power DVD 10. since it also supports 3D, HD playback. would it be preferable for buying. but mostly i m intrested in 3D playback which we can watch jus with any blue and red can also convert any video in 3D for...
  3. S

    defy or desire or galaxy sl ?

    Really confused. which has better camera, video playback functions ? and future support ?
  4. A

    Samsung Galaxy Ace - Should I?

    So I am about to buy the Ace. I wanted the O1, but the Ace suddenly appeared at my local dealer. The only things I'm worrying about: .avi playback and app compatibility. Are there any issues?
  5. justme101

    No audio device..plzzzz reply

    hi guys.. i was having trouble with my pc so i reformatted all the drives and installed wondows xp sp2 again...everything seems to be working fine except the thing that there's no sound. I installed the latest lan driver,the chipset driver and the sound driver for my motherboard (Intel...
  6. george101

    Winamp - Integration with Windows 7 Taskbar

    Win7shell is a simple plugin for Winamp, that integrates it with the new taskbar of Windows 7. As you may know the taskbar offers lots of new features, which you can read about everywhere, including here. Why would you need this? The new taskbar features were designed to improve the convenience...
  7. Ihatemyself

    Does graphic card really matter for only video playback?

    I wanted to know if graphic card matters for only video playback? I want to buy a full HD laptop with a good battery life. Sony EB26 is full HD but battery sucks. I dont want to play any games.Just want HD playback to be the best!!
  8. giprabu

    Netbook doubt....

    Will netbooks powered by intel's atom processors be able to handle high definition movie playback ??:sad:
  9. bhushan2k

    Need a mobile under 13k

    hi expert guys...m planning to buy my first awesome gadget.. I need a phone under 13k...plz suggest...previously was looking for 5800 saw frnd's 5230 similar touch UI...m nt quite impressed with resistive touch can go for this me abt it.... wud b feature...
  10. clmlbx

    phone upto 15k ?

    simple phone upto 15k first preference cdma then gsm .. How is 5800xpress music .. I heard wabout some faults in 5800 xpress music how is it . how is it's camera and music playback..
  11. Krow

    "Standalone DVD player" which works like VLC?

    I'm planning to buy a standalone DVD player. I need : DVD playback MP3 playback FM Tuner Audio CD playback Data DVD playback (Backed up movies in DVD's using Nero>Make Data DVD) -> The movies I need to play are in avi/mp4 format, ripped from original DVD's, newhr between 700MB - 1.6GB. Please...
  12. yogeshm.007

    Needed an MP3 player having atleast SE Walkman2 features

    Hi, my brother is looking for an MP3 player. His budget is 3.5K max (INR) It must have good sound quality Software should at least be comparable to SE Walkman2 (most importantly looking for basic playlists support) Video playback can be opted out; even mono display will do FM radio your...
  13. ring_wraith

    iPod Playlists?

    Is it possible to view a list of all songs queued up for playback in the iPod Nano 4G?
  14. Krazzy Warrior

    Mafia --- Indeo Video Playback Error

    I managed to get a DVD of Mafia game..i installed successfully but when I run it it gives an error that What this f**k ..? $15 software any other alternative..???
  15. ring_wraith

    Suggestions required for a new Mobile

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a new phone somewhere in the price range of 15,000. Here's a few guidelines to help you suggest: 1) It has to be a Nokia. 2) Music Quality should be great 3) Big Screen 4) NO Software issues! 5) Good video playback quality 6) A good battery backup...
  16. speedyguy

    Nokia 5220 hangs on music

    Hi, I recently bought nokia 5220 xpressmusic....ts not even 2weeks has startd hanging up while playing music.......suddenly it will konk off on media playback n get restarted aftr a while....n on next initialisation it will update music library again..... any idea...thanx Enjoy~!
  17. krazzy

    Cowon announces new S9 Curve with looks that could kill!

    Cowon S9 Curve Read More. Mustt.... have.... thatt....
  18. D

    Pl suggest a Ph with Touchscreen(win OS)

    Pl suggest a Phone with the following requirements: 1. Budget:12K - 16k (windows OS only) 2. with 3g, bluetooth, edge, wifi 3. Music & Video playback 4. GPS 5. Mem slot 6. Touch screen 7. Good Camera
  19. desiibond

    COWON P5 Premium PMP Unveiled

    5" Display 16M 800×480-pixel touchscreen player with UI support for Widget and Haptics 40GB, 60GB and 80GB Bluetooth, NO wifi WMV, MPG, OGM, DivX, Xvid, MPEG4, WMV9, AVI, ASF, MP3, WMA, AC3 RMI Alchemy AU1250 700Mhz CPU black, platinum and red Korean release date is July 29 9 hours of...
  20. Abhishek Dwivedi

    [Need Help] Buying the iPod Touch

    hi guys, I need a little help, am planning to buy a Touch Screen Portable Media Player. THe key Features which i wish to have are: 1) Good Music PlayBack 2) Good Video PlayBack 3) 2 GB or more storage space 4) FM (if possible) 5) Touch Screen (very important, good touch and not that stylus...
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