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    Hello, I wld like to knw a suggestion regarding phone buy frm you as u seem to be experienced with phone. i want to buy N82 New, with budget til 20000/-Rs.
    i really like its overall feature specially camera optics! if der is ny other phone who beats this one within 20k price tag, it will b most helpful for me if u let me know ! Thanks a lot.
    tere reply bade mast hote hai especially jab tu SE fanboyz ko muh tod jawaab deta hai just saw your SE 'TECH' reply roflmao u r graduate...vat do u do now?? workin nyver?? i hv seen ur blog . seems pretty at beginning level like this ur only ever blog?? or u hv website or other blogs too...
    Krazzy dude clear some of ur PM's man , ur inbox is full , can't send u new messages.
    He seemed to have been bugging the admins about his name change I think. He'll be back soon.
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