1. ankushkool

    Does 5610 hav 22 hrs music playback?

    Anyone using 5610,i just wanted 2 veriy does phone actually hav 22hrs music playback??? Whats playback time 4 N73? hav 2 decide btw de two... although N73 has a better camara... its de music i n lookin 4 ;)
  2. Renny

    Bad video playback.

    This is my config:- P3 @700MHz, 256MB SDRAM, Intel 810 chipset with onboard graphics. I'm unable to playback xvid and divx videos whose resolutions are more than 720x576, videos higher than this resolution keeps getting stuck and the video totally lags with the audio, I use XP and...
  3. desiibond

    Creative Zen Stone now comes with integrated speaker

    The best entry level mp3 player becomes better. 2gb for USD 50 Up to 20 hours for continuous audio playback OLED display FM Plays AAC (unprotected .m4a), MP3, WMA, Audible 2, 3 and 4 27grams
  4. vinit suri

    Bad dvd playback HELP!!!!!!!!!!

    hey guys, i have a p4 2.8ghz.....896 mb ram,intel 82865g graphics controller n a samsung combo drive.....the problem is that whatever dvds im playing the video playback is not very clear..this happens only with vob files all other video files work perfectly fine.......even if i copy it 2 my hdd...
  5. T

    Dual Soundcards ??

    Can two sound cards be connected in a system at one time ??? One for playback and one for recording ???
  6. shady_inc

    Problem with wmv files in ubuntu.

    Greetings.!! Today, I tried playing some wmv files in gutsy gibbon but Totem failed to play them at all .. just a blank screen. VLC just closed down when I tried to play the file.After scourging the net a bit, I found something like changing Output Modules to X11 to make it work.Did that and...
  7. shyamno

    What I need To encode Videos

    I need to encode videos in .mkv or .mp4 what i need....(which codecs and softwares ) what is H.264 ??? Is it used for coding or for video playback ..
  8. iMav

    Winamp has gone crazy

    winamp has ben giving me a hardtime for the past 3 days i have un-instaled and re-installed but to no effect ... this is a problem im facing in xp have to check vista yet any ideas? it just stops the playback gives me a error box with in_mp3.dll file problem and then this pops up
  9. S

    DivX DVD wont Play in PC

    Hi, my friend gave me a Divx DVD which comes free with LG DVD players which supports divx. It has 6 High quality DIVX movies. When i tried to play it on PC the playback is not well it is kind of freezy with lots of pixels its like playing a heavily scratched dvd. Although the Disc Cover...
  10. ilugd

    divx pc playback not supported

    Hi, I have a cd a friend got with his dvd player. It says pc playback of movies not supported and has the files with .divx extension. I am able to copy all of them to hdd. But vlc or wmp are not able to play those. The divx player from the official site asked me to create an account and fails on...
  11. zegulas

    How to get the movie like effect??

    How do I get the movie like effect in my home videos, because I am planning to do a movie with my friends, using my handycam, but the video playback looks very different than a movie does.
  12. I

    Sony NW-E305 Network Walkman

    Hi all, I am selling the Sony NW-E305 Network Walkman (White) bought in Oct 2005. The features are as follows :- 512MB Built-In Memory which stores 345 songs on the device. Built in FM Tuner Provides accurate tuning of FM stereo radio stations. Presents allow the user to skip...
  13. ilugd

    Suggest a good mobile in 6 K

    PC world had a review on Nokia 6085 and I am thinking about buying that. My budget is only 6 K. But the only thing I am afraid about that model is that it is a clamshell (read moving mechanical parts equal risk of damage). Also the review said the video quality was not too good during playback...
  14. A

    Radio in mobile ???

    Hey guys.. How much important is FM in a cell, although the it may have a GB of mem n gud sound playback ??? Is it worth sacrificing ??
  15. S

    buzz in winamp

    i have a problem with winamp. while resuming playback from pause i get a buzzing sound. i pause the song & play it again it works fine. but why do i get a buzzing sound while resuming playback from a pause in the first attempt. is there any solution to fix this problem.i did everything possible...
  16. R

    Sparingly used ipod shuffle with protective sleeves for Rs 2000

    Apple iPod shuffle - 512MB Features Store up to 120 songs Autofill from your entire music library for a fresh mix via iTunes software (supplied) Autofill from specific playlists via iTunes software Drag and drop songs Control your music with the simple button interface Take it...
  17. H

    Best mobile in 5k to 6k

    Hi I am looking to buy a mobile within 5-6k with good MP3 playback, and a decent camera. Which one should I buy?
  18. eagle_y2j

    Amarok engine error

    Just updated amarok 1.4.4 to 1.4.5 now i can't play any media it gives Error:no engine loaded can't start playback amarokxine and libxine are there on system
  19. Shasanka_Gogoi

    mp4 converter needed for Sony Ericsson

    I have a Sony Ericsson Z550i. Please suggest me a good software that can convert video files to mp4 for playback on my handset. Suggest me if u can, a freeware solution. Thanks...............
  20. sav_more

    video display garbled in ubuntu dapper

    i have ubuntu 6.06 and nvidia 7300le with the latest video drivers. initially the videos i played wer smooth and garbled videos then i installed beryl on this...dats wen all the trouble "WITH VIDEOS ONLY" started.everything is good xcept the video playback on my machine. the colours...
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