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Samsung Galaxy Ace - Should I?


Right off the assembly line
So I am about to buy the Ace. I wanted the O1, but the Ace suddenly appeared at my local dealer.

The only things I'm worrying about: .avi playback and app compatibility.

Are there any issues?


Peak Oil is real!

If you like Ace, then buy it. There are plenty of media players in the Android market which can play AVI files...

As for App compatibility... some apps might not work because of HVGA resolution... which is the same situation as in O1.

I've read on this forum that people are experiencing poor battery life with Ace and other new samsung phones...


Simple answer, YES ...

pretty good mid range android ... u shud have no issues with app compatibility ... and *.avi files will have an upper resolution limit (which every fone does) ... but shud be fine to directly drop and play non HD movies & shows
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