1. Sanchit

    Nokia 3230 or 6681

    Which one's better- Nokia 3230 or 6681. I need a phone that runs on Symbian 60 OS has great MP3 playback support & mind u, itz cost should be around 8k.
  2. S

    TV Tuner software.......

    I have a 'TECH-COM' SSD-TV-670 TV Tuner & Capture Internal Card on my system. The 'Super TV' playback software that came with the TV Tuner Card was pretty good in features, but on playback would play the video as if in slow motion. Same with recording. I then tried WinVCR version 2.0. The...
  3. Kiran.dks

    COMPLETE REVIEW: InterVideo® WinDVD® 8 Platinum

    Review of InterVideo® WinDVD® 8 Platinum A Popular DVD Video Player My Ratings: 4 out of 5 INSTALLATION: Installation was easy. I had no problems installing it. INTERFACE InterVideo has done a great job revamping its interface compared to its earlier versions. It is more...
  4. techtronic

    Digitians,your help needed again

    I had actually thought of buying Nokia 5500 or W710i But now, I have to change my plans as my office has thought of banning Mobiles with Camera Please suggest a mobile with FM Radio, MP3 Playback, Memory Slot,Bluetooth, USB 2.0 Support,EDGE, GPRS No problems with Models or Brands I need...
  5. S

    Suggest a DVD Player with divx playback under 10k

    Can anyone suggest a good DVD player with Divx playback under 10k???? I am planning to upgrade the same to 5.1 home theater system later.. Please put ur thoughts here abt the best player in the market.. Thx in advance :)
  6. Kiran.dks

    iTunes 7.0.2 released with fixes in 7.0.1, says Apple

    Source: Yahoo News Apple Computer Inc. on Tuesday updated its iTunes music player and store software to version 7.0.2 in an attempt to answer users' complaints about its predecessor, which some have said stutters during audio or video playback. The iTunes update for both Mac OS X and...
  7. R

    WHich Player To Buy in Rs.14000

    I am thinking of buying an iPod.. Preferring 8gb Nano(the new 1) .. I have a Budget Of Rs.14000 Where TO Buy It in Delhi?.. Any perticular Shop Or sumthing?.. I need Looks and Sound Qulity.. and If Possible Video Playback.. Screen Is Must.. Dont tell me to buy.. those cheap MP3...
  8. tarey_g

    Pricing between the Sony PS3 20GB and the Microsoft 360 Premium Consoles

    i have seen many price comparisions between the nexgen consoles, this one seems not from a fanboy. PS3 (20 GB Version) Price - $499.99 - (This price was dropped in Japan to $427 but no announcements were made about the US version) Average Game Price: Add $59.99 for one game. Backwards...
  9. rajat22

    Winamp 5.3 Build 920 - Pro/ Full/ Lite/ Bundle

    Winamp 5.3 Highlights: * New portable device features - transcoding, new sync options, USB thumbdrive player support, video sync, direct-from-device playback * Faster ripping * Improved AAC and aacPlus encoding * Unicode metadata, filename, and title support * iTunes-compatible gapless...
  10. G

    plz help me

    i have a LGC2500 it has a camera but cant record videos.the phone supports there any software through which i can record videos?.also to playback videos?plz helpme.thanks
  11. iMav

    Napster's mp3 player reviewed

    the infamous napster is back with a music player features a 1.7-inch TFT-LCD display, an integrated FM tuner, 5-preset EQ modes, and up to 35 hours of continuous playback (audio) Supported formats include, MP3, WMA, WAV, MPEG-4 , and JPEG. Source
  12. photon

    DVD Dilema!!!!

    I played one DVD movie file in Win DVD and playback was in english. But the same file played in Power DVD and Playback was in Hindi !!! How it can be ? (The original movie is in English)
  13. K

    Music Playback quality, N70 vs W800i which is good ?

    I did a search. Still I am in dilemma. No body have mentioned the quality of the n70's music playback. I am very much interested in a mobile with Music Player featuring good BASS & Treble Elements. <- First Priority Good Camera & Removable Device like a USB thumb drive <- Second Priority...
  14. G

    how to create playback controls on vcd's&dvd's

    how to create playback controls on vcd's&dvd's.any software is available with easy options
  15. D


    guys Is there any software which will allow an user to control dvd , cd and mp3 playback thorugh a remote . i have a remote which connects to the pc thorugh a serial port .
  16. T

    WinDVD 7 hot off the presses !!!!

    WinDVD 7 hot off the presses !!!! License: Trial Price: 100 $ to buy OS: Windows 2K/XP Size: 37.8 MB Download time: 56K: 1h 32m 64K: 1h 20m 128K: 40m 19s 768K: 6m 43s What's New in This Release: · Superior Audio & Video Technology Audio Center WinDVD 7 provides...
  17. Ethan_Hunt

    Increasing Video Playback Rate

    I have Two Queries Here: 1.)i am In Need Of a SOftware Which Would Increase The Playback rate Of My Movie Files..... i.e The Movie Should be Going at a fast rate to some Extent That i may specify And It Should also Be able to Save The fast converted File In .mpg Format SO That i can brun it in...
  18. C

    Movie Playback Problem

    Hi, I copied a VCD to my computer disk. I used ISObuster. When i tried to play from the Hard Disk, i get this problem. If i jump to another part of the movie, it just stays still for a few seconds and then starts playing. playback from the CD was fine. IS there anyway i can correct this
  19. club_pranay

    some help..

    hey Techiez!! u gotta help me out.. i have converted my pc into a movie station, with samsung DVD RW, 865gv motherboard with 6ch audio, sony 29 inch TV and sony 5.1 ch Amplifier it totaly rox! but i have 1 problem. it's sounds very odd to control the playback using mouse and keyboard. i mean...
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