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  1. S

    confused with the phones

    i am cofused b/w these phones please help me out which i should buy 1.htc one v 2.neo v 3.defy plus 4.defy xt 5.desire s 6.xperia u my budget is Rs.16000 and i can't increase it by a single penny.
  2. D

    Need Advice for Best Android phone around 15k

    Hello! I want to buy new LATEST Android Smart phone under or around Rs.15000. I just lost my cell phone so looking for quick options as the choice is vast. So I need your suggestions. I don't want to just buy it for the heck of and repent later my specifications for mobile are- Big Screen...
  3. S

    Need cellphone for 23K or less..

    I need a android smartphone for 23k max.preferably 8mp camera and around 4.2 inch screen in HTC, Samsung or Sony ericson....i am also wondering if its good to consider to buy used phones like for less then 6 months... if so what all things i shud keep in mind?i am based out in b'lore.
  4. S

    Need some advice for Buying a Phone.

    I want to buy a Sony Xperia Play. I am not able to find this phone in stores in Mumbai. There are a few selling on Ebay but they are imported for US/UK devices. These phones come with seller warranty. so i need your advice on: 1)How safe it is to buy an Unlocked phone from Ebay? 2)What is...

    In a big problem please help.

    Well usually i buy phones and pcs for my joint family as they dont have time to choose , today grandpa brought the worst problem. This is how it goes he was using a Nokia 1100 for last 4 years ,a long lasting one but yesterday it stopped working , took it to service center but in vain...
  6. A

    How good are Indian Androids?

    We have few good models released by Indian Cos Micromax, Spice, Karbonn etc I want to know about experience of people who used it. how is battery life in general, touch response, speed etc From reviews what i have seen is users have to compromise with performance to get those ultra-low...
  7. A

    Dual Core Vs Quad Core Mobile Socs?

    I discussed about this issue of multicore CPU performance in case of desktop few months ago. Never expected this issue will come up with mobile phones so quickly. forget about multicore Socs, Untill recently i never thought people would buy phones considering what processor, RAM, GPU it...
  8. nvrmndryo

    Which Mobile phone should i buy ?

    I want to buy mobile phone within budget 20k . I am thinking of buying used iphone 4 . So my question is Iphone 4 is single core n nowdays dual core phones are booming , n even now quad core phones are launching .so iphone 4 is good deal compared to dual core phones ? any suggestions within 20 k...
  9. D

    NEW Root method for Motorola Android Phones

    An XDA forum member named rodrigojfuentes has come up with a method to root all Motorola phones that are currently running Gingerbread. If you have a computer running Linux, you’re ready to get started. PC and Mac users will need to run a Linux virtual machine to continue. From the command line...
  10. I

    A good mobile phone under Rs. 18000.

    Hi guys. I'm looking for a good reliable mobile phone under Rs 18000. My main priorities are: Android/Windows Phone 3.7"+ screen FRONT-FACING CAMERA (MUST - Many phones lack this one) Fast and Fluid UI If android, then Ice Cream Sandwich update should be available in the future. A good...
  11. H

    HTC ONE X vs galaxy note battery life

    Hi guys i have narrowed my options to buy a smartphone down to these 2 phones, i just wanted to know from note users that how much battery life are they getting. Also if anyone has bought the one x they can post their battery life as well. And if anyone can direct me to some online reviewers...
  12. A

    Windows PhOne or AndRoid??

    heyy frnds.. this is my 1st post on the digit forum.. n i wanted a help 4m the moderators...as well as all the members.. m a bit confused as to which phone to buy??? android?? or windows phone?? iv shortlisted 5 phones.. my basic requirements r.. modern technology...n stylish n sexy...
  13. N

    which is better option among these androids?

    Hi guys! Iam confused about which android handset to get among SE Xperia Neo V, LG Optimus Black and Samsung Galaxy S-LCD, as these are the ones in my budget? My usage is internet browsing, emails, watching videos, music, reading e-books, multimedia. I don't play games at cell phones. Atleast...
  14. Renny

    Some suggestions needed

    1. Budget? 8K (max 9K) 2. Display type and size? Capacitive, 3.2" 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? Prefer bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? HTC, Samsung, Motorola, LG 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type). Touchscreen 6. What camera option you...
  15. B

    Some questions abt the new Lumia 610

    hi... i am planning to buy the new Nokia Lumia 610 when it is out. i have a couple of questions.. 1. in the specifications it i says that it only supports micro sim card. What does it means..? i have a bsnl sim card, so if i want to put this to the new phone, do i need to use a sim card...
  16. Pratz993

    Can't start WIFI!!

    I have an HTC explorer phone. Till recently, I was using Mobile network which worked just fine. But now there is a WiFi connection in my hostel. When I connect to it the signal comes in white. This is happening for all android phones. Any,solutions to turn it green, so as to use market and...
  17. Shah

    Forum App for Feature phones

    Is there any forum app like tapatalk for feature phones?
  18. TheLetterD

    [QUES.] Phones cheaper without bills Dealer vs Manu. Warranty

    Umm hey Ive seen people on the forum say that buying Mobiles without bills are cheaper. So I wanted to know what are the risks? Also Ive seen that most mobiles which are imported models are available for much less on eBay, esp all the 'Wake Up Call and Deals on the week' offers. Although they...
  19. S

    Android for 22k

    Guys i am looking for my first android with a max budget of 22k. Last month i had created a thread and had finalized on Samsung Galaxy R. Later i went to Croma twice to have a feel of the device before placing an order on Flipkart. Somehow i was not very happy with the device. To start with it...
  20. TheLetterD

    Suggestion for School Article [URGENT]

    Hello. Ok so my teacher has told me to write an article. If its good it would be published in the newspaper! :lol: So I need some suggestions for a topic and if possible some help too. I know a lot about mobiles and tablets(SoCs, OS WARS, upcoming cell phones, how they affect us, features that...
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