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  1. kbar1

    Need a droid for ~17k

    1. Budget? ~17k, might stretch it for some beauts.... :)) 2. Display type and size? 4 inch, inside tech doesnt really matter. 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? samsung, se, lg (if it comes to that) 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY...
  2. mukeshgupta

    Android Birthday Bash!

    The first commercial Android phone - HTC Dream (HTC Dream - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) was launched on October 22, 2008. On the occasion of Android's 3rd birthday Saholic.com has come up with a great offer for Android lovers - Rs 1000 off on all Android phones above Rs 10,000 and Rs 500...
  3. W

    Need good in-ear phones for cowon j3

    Hi, I bought a new 4gb cowon J3 player @ 9k. Have already EP-630 creative. Sound quality is good and decent with these. But I want to go to new level. Any great vfm phones with excellent sound quality in 1.5k?
  4. J

    suggest a phone under 5k

    One of my friends is planning on buying a touch based-phone under 5k. Please suggest some good phones within that price range. I guess he doesn't have a problem buying micromax phones but not really sure about how micromax phones perform. I shortlisted the micromax x550 qube but then heard it...
  5. R

    Motorola Fire XT311; LG Optimus Pro C660; Spice Mi-350

    I want to get a budget android for my cousin and was wondering what I can get at around 8-9K? I have checked out a few phones available at this range. Motorola Fire XT311; LG Optimus Pro C660; Spice Mi-350 Both Fire XT311 and Mi350 are new phones. Anyone with any experience of these phones?
  6. socrates

    Symbian Belle to come to Nokia devices on October 26

    Symbian Belle is slated to roll-out on October 26, that’s a few weeks from now. As reported by GSMArena, the Nokia phones that have already got the Anna update along with those that will have it out of the box, can be updated to Symbian Belle from October 26th, onwards. Updates can be downloaded...
  7. quad_core

    Need Gaming head phones under 5K

    Hi Guys, Help me in buying Gaming head phones for my PC. I play FPS and Racing/car sims. Preferably i am looking for surround headphones like Platronics 777 or G35. Should have nice Punchy Bass(not boomy kind) since I am a BASS freak. And yea, should double up for watching Movies as well. I...
  8. MatchBoxx

    Samsung Galaxy Skin!

    A flexible(literally) Android phone to be launched in 2012, by Samsung! Samsung Galaxy Skin: Flexible Android Smartphone For Masses < Mobile Phones, High-End Phones, Mobile Phones, Samsung < PC World India News < PC World.in
  9. sanoob.tv

    Which brand best for Android phones????

    i found lots of new android phones relased in past few monts from sony ericson and samsung. im not sure about this,but one of my friends suggessted that samsung android phones are better than sony ericson coz of better harware quality in them.but i couldnt find enough reason for the same. i...
  10. socrates

    HTC unlocks its phones, but probably not just to irk Google

    Taking a page from Samsung, HTC follows Motorola's acquisition announcement with an effort to open Android HTC unlocks its phones, but probably not just to irk Google - Computerworld
  11. S

    Best Camera phone for 5k

    please suggest good camera mobile phones for 5000 preferably Nokia
  12. tango_cash

    i want to buy a mobile phone that has best/strongest GPS chip/receiver. budget 10k.

    i want to buy a mobile that has best/strong signal, GPS chip/receiver. budget 10k. hi ppl i want to buy a mobile, nowadays a lot of phones are coming with GPS facility but i have seen some phones have stronger GPS than others e.g nokia 5800 is better than E72 in terms of GPS. so pls tell...
  13. S

    will the gingerbread phones get ics upgrade..

    im planning to buy mini pro sk17i or defy+ but was wondering whether i should go for them or wait for the ice cream sandwich phones to get released seeing that sony, especially has a bad track record when it comes to providing os updates...
  14. A

    similar to nokia 5800 XM

    been very happpy with nokia 5800xm. need to replace it with another. so help out. i have lost phones recently around 4 in last one year so thinking of the cheapest option that is between rs0 to rs 23000. mainly used the 5800 for and loved the following features 1. didnt hang up 2. battery life...
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