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  1. Ihatemyself

    Phone with hotspot feature.

    Hi. I am looking for the cheapest available phone with hotspot feature and 3g support. I want to use my phone's GPRS/3G to browse internet on my ipod touch.
  2. Shah

    Screen Captures in Feature Phones?

    When I was reading a review about Samsung Champ GT-C3303 (my current mobile) in GSMArena, I saw the screenshots of Homepage, Contacts List, Menu screen, etc. Immediately, I searched for some other feature phones and read the reviews and to my surprise those reviews also had the screenshots of...
  3. W

    Suggestion for headphones and IEM....

    Hi, I own a Zune HD and cowon i10. Need a good set of head phones and in-ear phones to play on my computer and these PMPs. Budget for each of them is around 1.5-2k and not more. Infact 1.5k VFM ones should be good...Pls suggest good ones.
  4. U

    optimus black or xperia neo

    Help me guys.. my brother is buying a cell phone... Price is not a factor.. If you have to chose between these two phones.. which one would you chose?? please don't recommend any other phone
  5. V

    M$ free Offer! win Windows Phones ,submit 'Android Hating 'Story'

    In a reverse of trend, M$ is offering free Windows phones to everyone who 'blogs' about Android Hating stories. Rudolph later closed the entries and has yet to announce any winners of the new Windows Phone devices. Considering the number of responses, plenty of Android device users have...
  6. N

    Nokia Lumia 800 v/s Dell Venue Pro or anyother.....Help me choose a mobile / tablet

    Hi there Digit Team, I am really excited to get the Digit Collector’s Edition Dec 2011 issue in my hand a couple of days ago. I am a subscriber to Digit Magazine. I wish to buy a new mobile phone in very near future as my Nokia N95, a six year old has started giving me trouble. I am...
  7. kbar1

    Samsung Galaxy S-LCD i9003 -- my take

    Hello everyone. I had bought a Samsung Galaxy S S-LCD (i9003) two weeks ago. Got it for ~18k including tax. Sorry for the kinda-late "review". I was familiarizing myself with Android (this is my first). I've just updated it to 2.3.5 (GB), and now can say something about the phone. Why did I...
  8. Sarath

    Why did you buy a smartphone?

    The question is simple and nothing more : "Why did you buy a smartphone?" Especially ones which are around 30k. Question pertains more towards the expensive category of phones which are >20,ooo bucks. Reason No more conditions.
  9. S

    Android for Basic needs

    Guys need your suggestion for my first android. Here goes my requirement : 1) Will be used only for phone calls and occasional messaging. 2) Gps. Would like to use Sygic maps on it. But whenever i am using Gps i will also use a micro usb car charger to prevent battery drain. 3) All the...
  10. rahul_jaiswal31

    Help me to choose

    Hi friends, I am willing to buy a htc- explorer/wildfire/wildfire S. Please suggest me the device which has killer looks amongst these. I am asking you guys because I live in a small city where these phones are unavailable :@. It is quite difficult to judge from the images from websites...
  11. G

    NFC on Nokia devices

    Do you know what NFC means ? it stands for Near-Field-Communications and is an easy way to let users connect to bluetooth devices , complete mobile payments and more ! Nokia has been making their phones future proof by including the chip in phones like the C7 and more. Infact almost all new...
  12. F

    Nokia Lumia launched in India

    Nokia India just announced their Lumia series of smartphones which come with the brand new Microsoft Windows 7.5 operating system (OS). This partnership between the two giants is something that everyone is talking about. Nokia, as we all know, are known for the build quality of their phones...
  13. G

    2012 - Can Nokia Win The Smartphone Wars ?

    I have been reading on some of the new technologies implemented in mobiles this year and i think 2012 will be very interesting in terms of the kind of stuff our phones will be able to do. Above all after using Windows Phone , i feel that Nokia has a solid chance of making a comeback. It is...
  14. M

    Why dual SIM phones are great !

    Hi ! I am thinking of investing in a new Dual SIM phone and i like models offered by Nokia in this category. Dual SIM phone is a practical alternative for me as i use two numbers . I am looking for a good, feature loaded dual-sim phone. Nokia in India currently has 4 dual-sim phones on...
  15. socrates

    Key components shortage affects Sony Ericsson feature phones

    Key components shortage affects Sony Ericsson feature phones Yawn For that matter even Nokia seems to have some problems in their supply chain because they seem to have fallen behind in the releases of all their new 1GHz phones which they had promised for India. Even the ones released seem to...
  16. M

    Suggest a good phone under 26k?

    1. Budget =25k 2. Display type and size =Any Size 3. Form Factor =Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand =Anything except LG,Nokia 5. Preferred input method =Touch Screen 6. What camera option =Atleat 5mega pixel with flash should be good...
  17. socrates

    Recent study shows Android phone repair cost telcos billions

    Recent study shows Android phone repair cost telcos billions I wonder if this will have serious repercussions in future for Mobile OS's. Of course in India subscriber buy their own phones so for the first year the cost is borne by the manufacturer ie is assuming they will service the phones...
  18. N

    WP7 in India

    I am looking for Nokia 800 or Samsung Omnia W WP in Mumbai. Is there any online store or do you guys know any shop selling those phones .? HTC Radar white color sucks...and hence not buying it
  19. D

    Motorola Pro+(price??) and fire 8.7k - qwerty Androids

    Have a look at this comparison of some of awesome spec phones that I am able to zero-in. :D Motorola PRO+ vs. Motorola FIRE XT311 - GSMArena.com never a fan of phones without keypad. These are the few qwerty phones that are feature rich and not too pricey. What I want to know is ...
  20. socrates

    Sony Ericsson to start Android 2.3.4 update roll-out for Xperia phones

    Sony Ericsson to start Android 2.3.4 update roll-out for Xperia phones | AndroidOS.in
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