1. V

    Best Custom PC assembler in Bangalore ??

    Hi all, does anybody know good and knowledgeable PC assembler in Bangalore. I am getting my new gaming PC parts from different places, few from outside india also. Now I do not want to take a risk with these costly parts by assembling myself. So could anyone suggest a good place with...
  2. bad_till_bones

    Best CPU assembly under 15k

    Hi, One of my friend needs a CPU (only CPU, already has a TFT, Keyboard, Mouse & UPS) under 15k. I know the budget is quite less. But he only needs the same for some basic Internet surfing & day today work. Please recommend the parts accordingly. Kindly Note - Our preference is to select...
  3. M

    Need advice on issues with Display HD 5770

    Hi Guys no matter what ever i replace the parts in the system. My previous system getting worst issues. Spec as follows INTEL E5800 @3.2GHZ CORSAIR VALUE RAM 4GB DDR2 1333MHZ 500 GB SEGATE ASUS PG41 DDR3 ONLY BOARD MSI HD 5770 1GB DDR5 VRAM CORSAIR CX 600 NZXT FAN CONTROLLER Thats...
  4. Z

    How to get computer parts from US. One of my friend is coming from US next month

    Hi, One of my friend is coming from US Next month, I want to buy few parts in US for my next gig. Please suggest me how to buy and what problems would be there? and what would be customs duty? Motherboard, Processor, RAM, HDD's If possible SMPS, Graphics Card. What do you suggest about...
  5. T

    [For Sale] 3yr old Desktop- Quad core q9650 - 4gb Ram - DG45id mobo - 9600gt- vx450 psu - cabinet+tvtuner

    Hi guys, Up for sale is my desktop and its parts. Proccy : Intel core 2 quad Q9650 3.0ghz 12mb l2 cache - Never overclocked - with box + manual + heat sink fan = Rs 7000/- Mobo : Intel DG45id with IEEE-1394a and Esata inputs. with all cords, cds and manuals box = Rs 2000/- Ram : Transcend...
  6. ramakanta

    Microwave Oven -Magnetron

    How microwave Oven's Magnetron generate microwave . please Explained with details (with figures if possible)?? and whats parts inside the Magnetron.. Thank you.
  7. digit1191

    Finishing my rig. Please help me

    hi guys, i got a i5-3450 and a MSI TF 7850 .. yaay ! :-) now going hunting for the other parts, mobo - Gigabyte B75m-d3h RAM - RipjawsX 4GB PSU - SeaSonic S12II 430 CASE - NZXT Gamma monitor - g2222hdl Budget : 20k strict Crossfire : No Overclocking : GPU only Use : Gaming (BF3...
  8. digit1191

    urgent $400 suggestion. buying tomorrow

    So , i have $400 to spend for CPU and GPU. It is going to be a gift from my cousin from US. I have to pick the parts.. So suggest a good pick please.. I was thinking 2500k from microcenter -- $169.99 and HIS 7850 (not IceQ) from newegg -- $239.99 ($229.99 after MIR) Total =...
  9. B

    Need help on heating issue

    Hi! my cpu configuration is below-- amd athlon x2 260 3.2 ghz proceesor 4gb starlite ddr3 1333mhz ram gigabyte 78lmts2p motherboard xfx amd hd 6670 1gb ddr5 iball lpe223-400 smps lg l1515s tft monitor after installing the gpu..the temperature of cpu parts got higher from previous...
  10. B

    need advice on spending money for correct parts

    Hi! my cpu configuration is below- amd athlon x2 260 3.2 ghz proceesor 4gb starlite ddr3 1333 ram gigabyte 78lmts2p motherboard iball lpe223-400 smps lg l1515s tft monitor as recommended by other members, i am going to buy 6670 1gb ddr5 gfx crd... i have an additional 1500-2000 rs...
  11. M

    is It wise to buy computer parts in Bangalore ?? pls help

    I m from mysore 140km away from Bangalore. Is it wise to purchase all hardware parts from Bangalore . . Do I get it cheaper Der, or shall I buy it Mysore only. . And can I claim warranty here also if I buy in Bangalore?
  12. Jaskanwar Singh

    Cooling VRM

    I installed a fan with support from ties tied to various parts :))
  13. aloodum

    [Want to Buy] Dead 8/9 Series Gpu for HSF

    Hi, Need a dead g92(8800GT,8800GS,9800GT,8800GTS,9800gtx/+) for salvaging some parts. Hit me with offers
  14. Shibaprasad

    OLD PC to HTPC

    I have an old system with following components Processor|Core 2 Duo E4400 MOBO|Intel D945GCNL RAM|DDR2 1GB Graphic|Nvidia 9500GT Cabi+SMPS|Foxin 450w DVD|16X Samsung UPS|APC 500VA Mouse|USB Keyboard|PS2 I am planning to buy a HD LED TV this new year. Can I use my old PC parts to...
  15. C

    50000 Rupees PC build

    I am a newbie, intend to purchase all parts offline, please help as i don't even know where to buy... ********************************************************************* Approximate Purchase Date: Mid November - 2011 Budget Range: 50000 Rupees System Usage from Most to Least...
  16. Jaskanwar Singh

    Rumor : NVIDIA GeForce 600 Series: 28nm, OEM-only Fermi Refresh?

    NVIDIA GeForce 600 Series: 28nm, OEM-only Fermi Refresh? - Bright Side Of News*
  17. Nipun

    Where to get these parts in Delhi? + Is this configuration correct? +Stupid Questions

    So finally its more than a month and I am still waiting for my computer.:sad: My dad told the assembler to get it assembled but he is just delaying it.... So I have decided to get all parts and assemble it myself. Problems(sorry if they are too silly or not allowed here): This is the...
  18. Sarath

    Reuse and Recycle old PC parts

    Hello everyone, Let me start with getting straight at the point. What parts of a complete PC (old and dead) be reused in another one? Now here is a little description of the PC I am talking about but I would also like general answers that can help everyone. >I had a P4 system which is about...
  19. sanithkk81

    Best Online buying sites for computers and other electronics items like TV

    Suggest Online buying sites for computers and other electronics items like TV Can anyone suggests me websites for buying computer parts and electronics appliances like TV, Fridge, Washing Machines etc of popular brands?
  20. mohityadavx

    Photoshop Mask Mode problem

    Hi! I am using photoshop CS5 and I am suffering from a strange problem, photoshop is not selecting parts of photo in mask mode . for ex:- If i am selecting a face it will not select some parts near the eye, leave some more parts near the eyes , or some space at cheek. This makes the whole...
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