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    Video spitting software so that the parts are playable?

    HI, Is there any software which can split a video file into two or more parts such that both the parts are still playable. If yes can you please tell me from where can i get it. Thanks
  2. C

    bout buyin parts from usa

    sup ppl1 just a short question... is it possible to buy ur comp parts from abroad (USA) nd use it on ur home comp? will ur thing bust or something?
  3. S

    Final Configuration - Need help

    Hi all, Following is the configuration, I have decided so far; please post your suggestions regarding the same. My requirements are word processing, surfing, watching a lot of DVD movies, casual gaming and serious AutoCAD My budget is around Rs. 50,000. What will be the approx cost for...
  4. G

    Dvd to cd - Reply me.

    Hi, I have an "Dvd Encarta Encyclopedia premium 2005". I need to know were there is an software to convert into parts or sections which can be written into 5 cds. The encarta has cpacity of 3.20 gb. Plz help me includin the digit admin. or else give me the way to write into the cd bcos i...
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