1. D

    Old PC Utilization

    Most of the computer geek guys upgrade the computer hardware every 2-3 years (may be less or more) and this goes on. I also do something similar and by doing so in recent years I have now 3 different configuration CPU's which are boxed up with no use. I wanted to know from you people when...
  2. B

    MoBo + Procy + RAM ( GFX optional )

    Hello All, I am looking out for a combination MoBo + Procy + RAM (GFX to be added later but if you can provide me the exact ones it will be helpful to make the choice of other parts), this is for one of my cousins and his budget is somewhere around 15k. It is an upgrade and the rest of the...
  3. rickenjus

    split file online

    Is there any website, or any filehosting site where I can upload file remotely and then split it into two or more parts or just down file into parts..???
  4. R

    Nas + htpc

    Dear All, I'm planning to build NAS + HTPC system for backup my data using RAID 5 as well as for streaming upto 1080p content to all my devices. I came up two options for me build. All parts will be imported from US though shipping company. Do you have any suggestions for me?
  5. Extreme Gamer

    Behold my college mITX build!

    Parts I reused: LG Blu-ray burner OCZ Vertex 3 MAX IOPS 120GB x2 SSDs Samsung HD103SI 1TB HDD WD Green 3TB SATA III HDD Steelseries Sensei Parts I purchased (from a nearby Canada Computers shop): Intel Core i7 4770K Asus Z87I-Deluxe Patriot Viper 3 1600Mhz 2x8GB Cl9 RAM (black)...
  6. theserpent

    S4 explodes, and burns down home

    Galaxy S4 smartphone explodes in Hong Kong, burns down owner's house OT: News reports just in S4's are now being used as missiles and nuclear bombs :P Source's say people are also gifting one to justin bieber :P
  7. H

    Xolo q800 vs lava iris 504q vs mmx canvas hd116

    To all xolo,lava an micromax users Please guide which company's build quality is great and durable for 2 to 3 years Considering only mt 6589 chipset not 6589m Q800 @ 10000 Rs Iris 504q @ 11500 Rs Canvas hd@ 13000 Rs Which company is better Budget only 12000 The only thing I want to ask is...
  8. Thetrueblueviking

    Building a 30k i5 rig for my Uncle

    So I have agreed to build a rig for my uncle - And I am not going to answer that whole list :P Here are the important things- Needs to be an i5 - he wont settle for anything more or less. It will be used for very light office work (excel,ms office,etc) and light gaming (ex - fifa 13 at ~...
  9. R

    HD 7870 OC 2GB or VAPOR-X HD 7950 OC

    I'm torn between these two cards. My prior plans were to go for the 7870, but apparently 7950 is also affordable. I'm no hardcore gamer, but I wanna play games in full HD 1080p in High/Ultra settings on a single monitor. If I go for the 7950, it's gonna be heavy on my budget, and also would...
  10. SaiyanGoku

    Batch rename files.

    Please suggest a good windows freeware that can batch rename selected files, given the new names are stored in a .txt, .csv or .xls file. Also, it should be able to edit/delete certain parts of the file's name as required and should support wildcard characters (? and *) for quick editing of...
  11. harshilsharma63

    Webistes with EMI option

    Hi. My friend wants to purchase a PC. He convinced his mom by Flipkart's EMI option, but many parts aren't available on FK. SO, what are the other sites which have EMI option?
  12. arjoonpk

    [Query] phone scratch repair

    guyss please tell me if there is an option to replace the scratched body parts of my mobile... I have a Samsung Galaxy S Advance... last week it fell from my hand and i scratched the front steel like colored panel...:cry: Is there any way i could buy the front housing part of the phone...
  13. rijinpk1

    question abount antec vp450p psu

    is antec vp450p safe to handle an i7 3770(non k) and hd 7770 graphic card? will it create any trouble? Since corsair is not available in my area, is it a good choice to buy antec vp450p?I dont wanna destroy my computer parts with a wrong psu. please help I need your opinion.any one have that...
  14. G

    where can i buy corsair cabinet parts??????? PLZ HELP ME

    i have got corsair 500r cabinet last month, due to some miss handling, the side panels got dent and side fans are not working, please please help me!!!!!! WHERE CAN I BUY CORSAIR PARTS IN BENGALURU????????
  15. quagmire

    iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone Math and cheaper iPhone - Discussion on confirmed rumours

    After repeated leaks from component manufacturers Apple can no longer deny - iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone Math and cheaper iPhone(rumoured only for China\Asia).. "Leaked images of iPhone 5S"-TOI -TOI -"Parts allegedly for the Apple iPhone 5S and Apple iPhone 6" -iphone math...
  16. bestpain

    small question?

    where to buy cheap computer parts in india,i am from bihar. why are computers part very expensive here,on us sites like newegg its cheap? is there smuggling of computer parts in india,n where?
  17. M

    ccna exam prepration

    CCNA exam can be given in two ways, in two parts ie. ICND1 and ICND2 or through a single exam. Does both has same values, if it is then i think it is better to be given in two parts as the load will be less and passing probability will increase. Can anyone kindly provide CCENT or CCNA dumps. My...
  18. avinandan012

    2.1 for $146.25

    where to buy Dayton parts in india Dayton Audio SUB-800 8" 80 Watt Powered Subwoofer: Electronics :cry: can anyone tell me where can i buy Dayton parts in india? if i buy from amazon what type extra charge i have to incur ??
  19. Nipun

    Gear Up!

    I played this game for 20 minutes today, and its quite interesting. A friend says its copy of recoil, but I haven't played that. Here are some of screenshots of me playing(or trying to) it: (It says ESC to back, but doesn't work-one has to click on it. Alpha, afterall.)...
  20. N

    Vacuum cleaner

    I am thinking of buying a vacuum cleaner. Purpose: To clean thin layer of dust on tables that causes dust allergy. I am tired of cleaning it only to see it settle down after 1 or 2 hrs. Optional : Blower function to blow off dust from internal parts of PC(since vacuum cannot be used on PC...
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