1. ParaXite

    6770m Unleashed! Dv6 owners have a look!

    I've managed to get a stable overclock of 870/1040 on my 6770m on stock voltage! My CPU runs at 95*C and Overclocked GPU at 87*C (Maximum Temps) with high loads after 3 hours of gameplay. My overclocked 6770m has surpassed the Nvidia GTX 460m with a 3DMARK11(Performance 1280x720) Score of 1867...
  2. R

    Will a 7850 HD work on my motherboard?

    Hi, i just decided to buy a Sapphire 7850 HD from the US as it is a lot cheaper over there. I was just wondering whether it will run on my motherboard without any trouble, i have an intel dz68db board with a 2600K processor. The things that worry me about this card is the issues many people...
  3. Y


    hey guys just bought home my brand new pc bought from shwetha n arun computers ctc hyderabad and yes these r the latest rates after rupee depreciation which is not gonna improve until congress people commit suicide! Asrock z77extreme4 - 9500 intel i5 3540 -11800...
  4. A

    Suggestions for a new CABINET for my pc....

    HI Guyz i want a buy a new CABINET FOR MY PC..... HERE ARE THE SPECS: PROCESSOR: CORE 2 DUO E7500 @2.93GHz:-( OVERCLOCKED TO 3.5GHz(Stock speed bottlenecked my graphic card):mrgreen: MOBO: GIGABYTE GA-31 MES-2L ( 1 pcie 1.0 x16) RAM: KINGSTON 4GB DDR2 (2x2GB) GRAPHIC CARD: POWERCOLOR...
  5. M

    AMD FX8120 Overclocking Quest

    I am in u.p n giong to buy FX8120 with Asus M5A97-Pro.I have already owned Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO cooler.. And If AMD FX 8120 is comfortable for all type of heavy gaming and multitasking works??as i dnt have budget to buy intel 2500K,so going for FX8120....And if it can be overclocked to...
  6. kartikoli

    Help me decide between 6850 VS 460

    i have an offer of sapphire 6850 @ 6.5k and evga super overclocked 460 @ 5800 [without warranty] please help me decide i will buy today itself http://www.rage3d.com/reviews/video/evga_gtx_460_sc/ http://www.sapphiretech.com/presentation/product/?cid=1&gid=3&sgid=1037&pid=973&psn=&lid=1&leg=0
  7. A

    c2d E4400 + GA-945GZM-S2 Overclocked

    2.66 GHz
  8. bajaj151

    Overclocked 1055T : Temperature ok or not

    I overclocked 1055T to 3.75Ghz by bumping FSB (no change in voltages) It's running fine from last 3 days...I did Prime test also (3hrs) Temp : 12-15 degree (On load : Max 28 degree) (Using Hyper 212 EVO Push Pull Config) Is temp. fine ?
  9. Jaskanwar Singh

    HD6950 Overclocked to 900MHz - Stock Volt

    Card used - Sapphire Technology Web Site Stock settings - Rest of system - Overclocked myself (didnt touch voltage) - UPDATE 3dmark11 performance improvement - 800/1250 - GPU Score - 4804 900/1250 - GPU Score - 5287
  10. NitrousNavneet

    accidently overclocked.

    I had installed gta 4 but it is not working good so in anger I accidently overclocked my Gpu Using catalyst control center . I can see anything in normal mod. now i am using safe mod and in it i cant open CCC. please help ..
  11. Shibaprasad

    Good Factory Overclocked Cards

    Suggest good factory overclocked card here
  12. Jaskanwar Singh

    BSODs and Driver Problems

    Guys these days i am getting a lot of these. first these started when i used catalyst 11.7. i updated it to 11.8 yesterday but i got these today again. i had overclocked my card to 850/1300 from 800/1250. i was running a unigine test and found lower fps. i checked msi afterburner and found...
  13. M

    AMD vs Intel I5 vs Intel I7

    Hi guys again confused. I spoke to the smcinternation guys and they confused me with Intel i5 overclocked to 4.4 ghz is better than AMD 6 core phenom 1100T. Please help me to decide. whats sandy bridge and ivy series. Does all make sense in terms of performance. Also why intel boards...
  14. ashis_lakra

    Efficiency of PSU loose ?

    Hi there, I am using Corisair CX400 PSU and its 80 Plus standard. 1. Does the efficiency decrease over time , if yes by how much? 2. Capacitor aging and relation to its efficiency ? 3. If i overclock my proccy and gpu, how does it affect the life of PSU components even if the total...
  15. G

    Samsung Galaxy S II overclocked to 1.5GHz

    It’s one thing to see the Motorola Xoom overclocked from 1GHz to 1.504GHz and a completely different one to see the Samsung Galaxy S II overclocked from 1.2GHZ to 1.504GHz (a 25 percent improvement) at 1375mV. A user who goes by the name of coolbho3000 over at the XDA Developers forums has...
  16. D

    Which Rom you use?

    Hi friends! Lets share which devise and custom rom you currently use, and talk about its performence! I have LG Optimus One and I currently use my own modified Gingerbread 2.3.4 based on Mik's unofficial port of CyanogenMod 7.0.2. The Rom is good overall. Its fast, Can be overclocked...
  17. ajai5777

    Overclocking and AMD Cool n Quiet

    I have sucessfully overclocked my Athlon II X4 630 to 3.5GHz.The core voltage is at 1.44 and the power draw of my entire PC shown in APC powerchute is 140W in idle.My PC is on 24X7 and I dont need 3.5GHz (250 x 14) all the time.I have heard that AMD Cool n Quiet works fine even in the...
  18. Reaper_vivek

    GTA EFLC - Games for Windows Issue...

    I am having an issue while playing the game. I cannot login with a Windows live account. So, I cannot save the game and have to start again every time.. I had no issues earlier when I played the game using a Windows Live ID. But I had to reinstall Windows hence the game. Here's the prob: I...
  19. nisargshah95

    Help regarding OC stability test

    Hi guys, I have a Pentium 4 @ 3.06GHz (OC to 3.23GHz). Although I've not seen BSODs, I still want to run stability tests. Could you tell me how do I do it? PS - I overclocked CPU using onboard overclocking options in motherboard (Asus P5KPL-AM/PS). Also, which temperature range is considered...
  20. rahulbalmuri

    Can My Proccy be overclocked???

    i've recently bought Gigabyte MA74GMT-S2 mobo with AMD Phenom II X2 550 3.10 ghz Proccy...and an XFX Ati 4350 1 GB DDR3 Graphics card and kingston 2gb DDR3 1333mhz RAM....and it goes on... My question is....can this rig can be overclocked? if so pls furnish me with the details...i mean any...
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