6770m Unleashed! Dv6 owners have a look!


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I've managed to get a stable overclock of 870/1040 on my 6770m on stock voltage!
My CPU runs at 95*C and Overclocked GPU at 87*C (Maximum Temps) with high loads after 3 hours of gameplay.

My overclocked 6770m has surpassed the Nvidia GTX 460m with a 3DMARK11(Performance 1280x720) Score of 1867 as compared to 1817 of the GTX 460M!

I wanted to know what you guys are getting. Is anybody able to go beyond 870 for the core clock on stock voltage? (I'm scared to check :p)

Do not follow my clocks blindly try it in 20 MHz increments and check for stability. I'm not responsible for any burns and/or fires caused by irresponsibility.



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Be careful, your warranty would get void if the GPU burns up, they are very serious about this.

Nice clock though.
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