GTX 650 ti boost Warranty Extension

    last day i got brand new GTX 650 ti boost 2gb with sesonic s12 520.Can anybody tell me the procedure for exteded warranty.I have registered a wrong selection first.I should have selected 'GTX 650 ti boost' were i have selected '880g'.After some time i came to know ma mistake.So I again...
  2. T

    Seller at Amazon asks for IMEI number after delivery.

    A woman claiming to call from a seller named "Univercell" is asking for IMEI number of my newly delivered BlackBerry Curve 9220. I checked her number, it does appear to be of Univercell a their website I am suspicious about this request whether it is O.K. to give your IMEI number...
  3. GhorMaanas

    (MP3 Player) Cowon iAudio E2 PMP

    1. Product on sale: Cowon iAudio E2. 2. Price: Rs. 2,050 shipped. 3. Reason for sale: Using a clip+, hence this is lying unused. 4. Product condition: 9.5/10. no scratches or cosmetic-blemishes present. working absolutely fine. bundled-earphones, USB-adapter, and original box are available as...
  4. T

    Best laptop shop at nehru place,delhi?

    I want to buy laptop from nehru place,but from which shop?There are number of shop of computer.Please suggest me shop name and shop number where i can get laptop at best price.
  5. D

    Pre Activated SIM sold without ID proof

    Hi everyone, its been long time posted in digit. Today I went to buy new prepaid mobile (GSM) connection. The retailer (not showroom), gave me some numbers and when I asked when it will get activated, he said these are already activated. (He didn't even want my photo or id proof) I told him...
  6. ShankJ

    How to check mobo/or any other part serial no ?

    I recently had to give my laptop to the HP service center for a motherboard replacement.. Now i wish to check if they havnt changed any other component of my notebook.. HP customer service people have told me to note down all the part number and then cross check with them but how do i get all...
  7. W

    C++ program running too slow

    I am new to c++ and started learning last month.I am trying to solve this problem:- 2520 is the smallest number that can be divided by each of the numbers from 1 to 10 without any remainder. What is the smallest positive number that is evenly divisible by all of the numbers from 1 to...
  8. A

    Binary number in C

    How to take a binary number as input in C?
  9. K

    [For Sale] Anybody wants to buy old digit copies?

    I have a big collection of old digit magazines (starting from 2006) I need to offload because of storage space constraint. I don't want to sell digit to the local raddiwaala so thought of posting an ad. 1. Model number and details: Digit magazines, fastracks, CDs/DVDs. Please note I am...
  10. ramakanta

    Samsung mobile - Auto

    In my Dual SIM Samsung Mobile , whenever I changed a SIM Card it Automatically Send SMS to a number 912727852712131333 . After that I have received a deliver SMS conformation from a number +918527121333. It also deduct my balance . why this happens ?? :confused:
  11. nginx

    Discussion: TP-Link's After Sales Service

    Does anybody here have any experience with After Sales Service of TP-Link regarding warranty claims? Information regarding their A.S.S. in pretty scant on the Internet, so hoping to get a discussion started here. I need to RMA my Gigabit Switch which is only about 2 or 3 months old...
  12. Allu Azad

    Get free VPN

    -*[mag]=computerbild&tx_steganoscovermounts_pi1[productid]=sos Go here Enter your e-mail id . Serial number and software download link will be mailed to you :)
  13. Empirial

    No Mobile Number Deactivation If Balance is Rs 20 or More (TRAI)

    If your prepaid mobile number has Rs 20 or more balance left then it could not be deactivated by the mobile operator even if you won't use the number for any purpose, according to a recent decision of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI). Announcing the recent amendment to a...
  14. H

    IMEI number

    I have lost my galaxy note. I am unable to find box or invoice so can't able to locate IMEI number. I had my Samsung account registered on phone as well as Google account. Is there any way I can get IMEI number of my phone?
  15. Flash

    Picture Your Number

    Picture Your Number [BANDWIDTH WARNING] Thought of making a forum game for fellow TDF'ers. Rules are pretty simple.. Just increment the numbers with the post above you, and reply it with a picture. Picture with the number don't have to show the number explicitly. But, the number should...
  16. C

    CM Storm QuickFire TK Review

    I recently purchased CM Storm QuickFire TK. The main reason i go with this keyboard was smaller size. Price for this keyboard was Rs. 6799.00/- from from Since this keyboard have a different layout for arrow keys, DEL, HOME, END, PAGE UP/DOWN keys, it take some time to get...
  17. sravan

    Upgrading RAM . Need help in selecting correct RAM frequency

    Hello All, I have a Sony E series Laptop (vpceb34EN). It currently has 3GB RAM. I planning to replace the 1 GB module with a 4 GB RAM module. But I am not able to find the frequency of RAM which mathes with the existing 2GB RAM. Below is the my RAM configuration shown by Speccy. RAM...
  18. harshilsharma63

    [Complaint] Docomo not processing mnp

    Hi, I opted to port out of docomo to vodafone for which I bought the sim on 17 jan. The shopkeeper submitted the docs on 19 jan and get a confirmation message from docomo on 22 jan. But even till today, my number is not ported. I tried chat support with docomo but they said they cannot provide...
  19. a_medico

    Whats with these fake credit card calls?

    So I have been receiving these calls which claim to be from so and so bank and wants me to pay the credit back, which I never borrowed. I never use credit card. It doesn't take long time to figure that they are fake. So if don't tend to listen to them, they get rude. Then the guy says, I'll call...
  20. G

    Regarding the hp laptop part numbers. - please clarify?

    Hello, to all of you. I have a HP Laptop, some days ago, I got some problem in the LCD, this laptop is under care pack, so I registered a complaint, when the engineer came with the replaced lcd, he told me that the real part was not available that's why the company sends the alternate part, same...
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