GTX 650 ti boost Warranty Extension


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last day i got brand new GTX 650 ti boost 2gb with sesonic s12 520.Can anybody tell me the procedure for exteded warranty.I have registered a wrong selection first.I should have selected 'GTX 650 ti boost' were i have selected '880g'.After some time i came to know ma mistake.So I again registered with all same details n after both step i got mail in following form

This email is a confirmation that your registration details from the 04-09-2013 have successfully been updated.
Full completion of the fields are necessary to obtain the extended warranty for ZOTAC products.

Please make a printout of this eMail and in add a copy to your card in a warranty case.

Your Ticket Number is : xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Title: Mr.
ZIP/Postal Code:
Country: India
Purchased where: other
Dealername: Computer Selection,Lamington Road Mumbai
Purchased when: 03-09-2013
Invoice number: Yes ,Invoice Number 1486
Purchased item: GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost(880g in first attempt)
Product SDK:
Serial number:

can anybody gone through all this guide me?
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Someone will help you but on a side note can you let me when from where and for how much did you got it? And please don't write so much . (full stop) it looks too ugly


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I got 650 tib for 12.5k(Computer Selection) and Sesonic sii520 for 4k(prime abgb) at Lamington Road mumbai

Somebody plz help in time....Running out of time....:(


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i just want to ensure whether my registeration is completed successfully or anything left.Worring for extra 3yr warranty :).Actually i tried to register product many times everytime it accepts with same product number n thats should not be happenas unique prodct number. .so i want a guidance of experienced one who has completed it.:D
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