1. B

    Unlisting number from Truecaller

    Hi Friends, My cousin wants to unlist her number from Truecaller. She has not registered her number on the Truecaller app ever. I have entered her number multiple times under Truecaller unlist since the past one month but still her number remains on Truecaller. I have unlisted some other...
  2. patkim

    Is there any conditional call forwarding setting on Dual Sim Phone?

    On a dual SIM android phone is there any setting whereby if one SIM is OFF the call or SMS sent by anyone to that number shall be diverted to other SIM? Two SIMs belong to 2 different service providers. And does it happen automatically just by some setting without any activation done at service...
  3. M

    Need Advice For Projector

    Respected Admin and Friends I'm a high school teacher. i want to buy a Projector for my school's class work as well for home entertainment. some days in the past i have read a advert. in news paper about some Epson 3d projector but i can't remember its model no. at this time. if you know please...
  4. M

    Need a small help with MsExcel 2007

    Guys, I am working for a educational field where we conduct exam, we enter out data In Ms Excel 2007. Our enrollment Number is total in 15 numeric numbers example like 161110147911001, I would be highly be grateful if you guys help me with the formula to auto generate the enrollment number in...
  5. topgear

    Reliance CDMA and 4G Migration Woes

    I'm from Reliance Kolkata CDMA Circle. CDMA service stopped on 24th May .. Now I've one ages old Reliance CDMA phone [ Nokia 2112 ] - 10 years and still kicking :D It has In built / Non removable SIM card or It's a Operator locked phone. Anyway, you can't put a sim card into this phone. Now...
  6. E

    iphone 6 Bend

    The bigger screens but thinner bodies of Apple’s new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models have come at the cost of rigidity, according to owners who say they bent while being carried in trouser pockets.A number of users across various forums, sites and Twitter have reported – and pictured – that their...
  7. G

    Suitable RAM for z50-70

    Hello, I own a Lenovo z50-70 series laptop. I currently have an 8GB RAM and I am planning to upgrade it to 16 Gb by adding another 8GB RAM. I am currently looking at possible RAMs that i can use with my existing pre installed RAM as I have read that to get the best performance it is better...
  8. baiju

    [Query] Kingston Pen Drive RMA Cochin

    Does anybody here know the service center of Kingston in Cochin? The phone number of Accel Frontline given in the Kingston website is not functioning. Even the customer care number of Kingston is not working. Thanks.
  9. baiju

    [Query] Kingston RMA Cochin

    Does anyone know the service center of Kingston in Cochin? My Kingston data traveler pen drive is not working. As per the Kingston official website, Accel Frontline is the service provider at Kochi, but the phone number provided is not functional. I also tried the Call Center number of Kingston...
  10. S

    Tv mainly used for pc gaming

    Hello All , This is my post to any forum . and i just want to ask .. is it possible to used any TV as a monitor ... i googled about it but cant find any related answers.. just a bunch of confusing words like INPUT LAG , 120HZ , etc ..please any one suggest only name of TV company and its model...
  11. patkim

    Mobile Internet on PC - Does web server know the mobile number?

    Just out of curiosity I have this question. When we browse the internet using any typical browser like IE, Mozilla, Chrome etc on PC and using mobile Internet 2G/3G tethered on PC, does the website servers we connect to know our mobile number? Thanks.
  12. rhyansy

    Happy holidays from MSI, your number 1 gaming brand!

  13. bad_till_bones

    Advice Required - For Buying Washing Machine

    Hi, Planning to buy a Washing Machine for a family of 4. Kindly suggest which one should I go for - front or top loading. And it would be really nice, if I can get a model number too. Regards.
  14. patkim

    Frequently receiving missed call alert like sms from a number

    On my mobile number last 2 days I have received over a dozen SMSs from a particular number. The SMS Reads exactly as 'Hi, I tried calling you. Please call back when you are free' I made a mistake of calling back that number first time when it happened. The person at the other end did not...
  15. SaiyanGoku

    Getting spam calls

    Hi. A female relative of mine has been getting spam (and vulgar) calls for a month now and there seems to be no end to them. So, as a safeguard, I've added all those numbers to auto reject list. I talked to one such spammer recently and he said he found that number written in the toilet of a...
  16. kg11sgbg

    A Big Problem in Firefox (40.0.2 - latest) running under Windows 10

    Guys,please Help me out from the nagging problem cropping up,whenever I try to open up some sites(not all). This message is shown :--> I have to click on the "Reload current page" icon 3~4 times to enter into the site. What is the problem???
  17. B

    Not able to buy anything

    Hi Guys, I am having a SBI debit card. It works fine when I use it at an ATM but when I enter the card details and cvv and click on the payment button, instead of taking me to the payment gateway page where it should ask the OTP I get this error * I...
  18. jkultimate

    [Complaint] "ANTEC PSU" Thanks to my digit friends, who helped me to get ANTEC warranty

    First of all let me thank you all who helped me to get my PSU warranty. Story :-D yeah, a small story in fact. I decided to move on from generic PSU as it showed some issues and more over I was planning to get a new GPU. So as usual I started a thread here and got finalised in Antec...
  19. BBThumbHealer

    Has my Mobile service been compromised ?

    Hello Digit'ians, Want to get your views on something strange that has happened as with me. I wasn't having any facebook account but lately around 4-5 days, i've been receiving text msgs from that official facebook no. 51555 that xyz, mnp etc. accepted your friend request. Curiously, i then...
  20. 2kool2btrue

    Regarding warranty on Gigabyte and Asus Graphics Cards

    Hi Can anyone confirm that how long does Gigabyte take to RMA it's graphics cards? Also, do they require an invoice for it or just the serial number will do? I have a GTX660 which shows artifacts in all games. It's fine at idle in desktop. Tried downgrading/upgrading drivers, cleaning the...
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