1. raksrules

    Dell people ask for CVV # while ordering. Shud i give them ?

    My friend wants to order a Dell laptop over the phone. They have mailed him a quotation. He wants to pay by credit card but those Dell guys are asking for the CVV number of my credit card along with the card number. Is it safe to give them the CVV # ?? Has anybody done so ? Is there any workaround ?
  2. F

    Idea in Mumbai

    Idea cellular is starting services in mumbai from 15 August 2008. The number series is 99020.
  3. J

    NOKIA user check this out

    Would like to know if your mobile is original or not?!! Press the following on your mobile *#06#and the-international mobile equipment identity number appears check the 7th and 8th numbers 123456 7th 8th 9101112131415...
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