1. harshilsharma63

    Trouble making purchase on Play Store

    Hi. I want to purchase an app (Poweramp to be precise) from Play Store. I originally wanted to pay using PayPal but there is no option for that. I tried using my PNB MasterCard debit card but it says the card number is invalid. I have verified the card number and it's correct. What is the issue...
  2. patkim

    Fake calls received ?

    Friends, A relative of mine having a very basic Nokia phone has been receiving missed calls on his mobile number at random almost once a day or two. The number flashing is +6707xxxx3x90. It rings for one or two times or sometimes more and stops. Sometimes it comes even post midnight! It’s...
  3. patkim

    How truecaller gets mobile number details?

    I just explored truecaller online (not the app) and found that out of two numbers that I searched one was correctly reported and the other showed some other name altogether. How this truecaller actually captures the mobile number details? I wonder because the other number should ideally have...
  4. I

    General Query Contacting E-Bay India's Customer Service

    Hello everyone. :wave: I attempted to sign into my E-Bay account on E-Bay India, but surprisingly, the succeeding page displayed a message stating; something on the lines that 'my login attempt was detected using another/different computer'. Consequently, the security process initially...
  5. B

    What's the recommended settings for uTorrent to utilize full speed?

    I am on a 1.8 mbps connection and sometimes I see that uTorrent isn't utilizing my full speed even when there a lot of seeders! I found yesterday that it should be configured properly. Looked at Preferences under the app but other than the option number of connections and all I don't see much...
  6. Flash

    Gangnam Style music video 'broke' YouTube view limit

    Psy's Gangnam Style music video has been viewed so many times that it obsoleted the view counter of Google-owned YouTube. 9bZkp7q19f0 The music video, which has maintained its overwhelming popularity since it was released by the pop star from South Korea back in 2012, has surpassed...
  7. sling-shot

    Banking - Cards : Not happy with present PIN request at purchase

    Recently our esteemed RBI has made it compulsory to enter PIN for all debit card based transactions at merchant establishments. I feel this was a move thought of in a meeting room with complete disregard to the actual usage scenario. PIN is the one immutable, really secret data regarding our...
  8. K

    How to make calls,sms from internet??

    How to make(free) calls,sms from internet to mobile,landline number from internet?? Want to keep my number private Suggest sites with maximum free service...
  9. rhyansy

    The number of Chinese gamers surpasses the number of American citizens

    Can you just imagine that there are 517M Chinese gamers? "Of that 517 million person Chinese gaming audience: 147M are core gamers 28% play more than 1 hour/day 9.7% have spent money Core genres = 70% of revenue" This is insane how gaming industry potential is! News article...
  10. M

    lost a Mega 5.8 i9152

    I lost my Galaxy Mega 5.8 i9152 installing a new extended battery just purchased from Mpj. Reported it immediately and it was blocked. Now I have a new Galaxy S5 and a new number. Can the old phone be used?
  11. A

    Selecting RAM for Asus U32U

    I have an Asus U32U netbook/laptop. The specific model is RX012D. AMD® APU E-450 Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, will move to 14.04 on release AMD A50M Chipset AMD Radeon® HD 6320 Built-in 320GB 5400RPM HDD The RAM supported is DDR3 1333/1066 MHz SDRAM, 2 x SO-DIMM socket for expansion up to 8 GB SDRAM. I...
  12. zacfx05

    can somebody help me contact member dan4u

    Hello Friends, I m looking for any contact details of member dan4u from Kerala Ernakulam he is a friend of mine of course through Thinkdigit, i lost his contact number so please anybody knowing him or having his contact number or Facebook please pm me . I believe somebody will have his contact...
  13. bad_till_bones

    Confused - Lumia 820 or 920 or 925

    Confused - Lumia 920 or 925 Hi, I am confused between - Lumia 920 or 925. Can I get latest rates for the same. And which model number you recommend?
  14. V

    [Complaint] Sapphire HD 6850 2 GB [ Solved ]

    Okay..I own a Sapphire HD 6850 2 GB and recently, it got busted for a reason unknown to me. I was using the computer and suddenly the power went on and off thrice and I believe it is due to that. I bought it from Suntek, Chennai on April '12 for Rs.13000. (Yes, many told me that I overpaid for...
  15. furious_gamer

    Good online store to buy Nexus 5 32GB

    I tried many place, but ebay is giving me an weird issue. Like, whatever phone number i give, it says invalid number and suggest me to go for Mobile Verification. I tried several times and fed up. Also, i found a deal in How trustworthy this site is? Any other good reliable...
  16. sling-shot

    Android Contacts - Is there a way to make it show both name and number?

    I have a phone book that is strictly a phone book and with only one phone number against each name. (In case a person has multiple numbers, I make a new entry with a different tag for each number) Presently the phone book displays the names only in the list view and to see the number I have...
  17. sling-shot

    You are prohibited from changing your address by TRAI?

    Apologies for the title. I am going through an experience now. I bought a Sony Xperia ZR last month and needed a MicroSIM. As my existing SIM was older generation MiniSIM, it could not be safely cut down. I was asked to submit new set of documents to get this MicroSIM at an Idea franchisee. My...
  18. R

    number of wrong pattern matching attempt error in android 2.3

    When i start my phone,i am getting number of pattern matching attempts error in android 2.3.I am trying to perform factory reset at starup. I got the recovery menu at startup by pressing volume - button but i am not getting Factory reset option over there. TEST ITEM TEST ALL CLEAR...
  19. S

    Region wise lock in Samsung S4

    Hi, One of my friends purchased a S4 from Middle East to use in India. He never used the phone until it reached here. After putting an Indian sim , it is asking for a unlock number [The sim is not having any PIN number. It was working fine in another phone.]. I came to know that Samsung started...
  20. V

    Laptop Ram Upgrade Problem

    Hello, I have an Acer Aspire 5742G laptop with i5 processor and Nvidia GT420M GPU. Presently I've got 2x4GB 1333MHZ DDR3 RAM modules in my laptop. I got the following from 'Speccy' ========================================================= RAM Memory slots Total memory slots 2...
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