1. zubair.s.kazi

    windows coa label

    hello, i purchased office 2010 a few days ago. there was an offer that ill get a free speaker. when i registered for the offer, i got a mail asking for the bill and coa number. i gave the bill and the coa number but now hes asking for a scanned copy of the coa label. what should i do? is it...
  2. theserpent

    Help me in these programs(C programing)

    I need help in these programs i can't figure out how to do it :( Fuctions:With Arguements and with returns IN C PROGRAMING 1)Sum of digits of a number untill the resulting value is a single digit no 2)Find the frequency of a digit in a given number 3)To find the no of odd and even in a...
  3. Prongs298

    What is wrong with this program?

    it exits after i enter the choice of the menu item.. #include<stdio.h> #include<conio.h> #include<stdlib.h> #include<math.h> #define MAX 1000 char v2; void dectobin(); void octtobin(); void hextooct(); void hextobin(); void main(){ do { printf("WHAT DO YOU WANT...
  4. R

    Provide Solution

    Hello freinds, Please provide the solution to the following two programs: 1.Design a class STR to overload + and < operator to join two strings and to compare two strings. 2.Write a program to write a sentence into a data file and then count the number of characters present in that file...
  5. ithehappy

    Is there a way to get the last received call number? Urgent

    Shame on you Fandroid. Anyway, I just received an important call and just after hanging my disgraceful phone froze and rebooted and got stuck on boot logo. Wiping cache/dalvik didn't solve anything and it was so reluctant to start up, so I hard reset it. And there it is, everything is gone, with...
  6. M

    New HP Bd340i Bluray 12X Writer. Blu-ray Disc/DVD/CD Burner

    1. *Model number and details: HP Bd340i Bluray 12X Writer 2. *Date of purchase: 25 Septemeber 2012 3. Reason for sale: Need money. 4. Warranty details: No. 5. *Expected Price: Rs 8,000 + Rs 250 shipping By DTDC Plus or Aramex 6. *Location of Seller: Kottayam, Kerala. 7. *Pictures along with...
  7. K

    Serial number where?

    Hi guys, I have got a HP Laptop. The Laptop has not got it's STICKER,at the back side, containing the SERIAL NUMBER GIVEN BY THE HP. Then, how to find out the serial number with the help of WINDOWS 7 Home Edition?
  8. Ronnie11

    Getting Late night missed Calls from weird numbers for past 2 Days

    Hey guys,kind of need help in this matter...i am getting late night missed calls from some strange numbers... +447937947111- this one called at 2:30 in the morning... +447937947162- this number called yest as well... Are these international numbers?...are these some kind of scam or...
  9. Desmond

    WhatsApp uses IMEI numbers as passwords.

    Hi, I stumbled upon this article which states that WhatsApp messenger is very insecure because of using IMEI numbers as passwords.
  10. D

    If IEMI number of a mobile can be changed,then can it be tracked

    I got a samsung Mobile lying on road today.It is Galaxy Y S5360.I want to change the IEMI number of the mobile so that it cant be tracked down any more.Please Help
  11. ankit.kumar010203

    Unlocking Reliance 3g tab...!

    SOURCE-Unlocking Reliance 3g tab
  12. RCuber

    Operators warn of 'missed calls'.....

    Source Original Source I don't get it.. how on earth can one close a SIM card via a voice call :| let alone access device information .. need to investigate this bullcrap information is even technically possible.
  13. RCuber

    How to disable Airtel Missed Call Alerts

    Airtel activated "Missed Call Feature" and its free for 3 months.. :rolleyes: I want to cancel it immediately.. I tried going through the IVR (121) and I wasn't able to find it the entry for deactivating the said feature.. I cannot find the correct SMS and number to be sent to deactivate...
  14. avichandana20000

    [Query] Who handles NZXT service?

    Want to know where is the NZXT service centre in kolkata and the contact number of the same. Does NZXT Cabinets carry any warranty in India?
  15. D

    LG LED 3D was nice experience

    One of my friends asked me to go with him on LG LED 3D TV launch. Formerly, I wasn’t going but the moment I reached over there it enthralled me. An immense number of people were attending it & also there were many enthusiastic bloggers too! It was really a good experience to be a part of it. :lol:
  16. NoasArcAngel

    Droid versus Ios efficiency.

    So i came up with a simple way how you can bluntly calculate the efficiency of an os. efficiency of an os = number of threads processed / per cpu cycle. power required to run os is directly proportional to the number of cpu cycles. Thus you can run the same app on 2 phones , one...
  17. B

    How performance varies between low and high profile graphic card ?

    In case of CPU, I can simply consider the processor speed, number of core, number of threads etc., and say about the performance. When it comes to graphic card, I have seen some graphic card whose GPU speed is only around 700Mhz and belong to HD 67** series. But Zotac 520 GT which is...
  18. evilcrafter

    HP dm1 series vs HP Mini 210 vs HP Mini 110 vs HP mini 310

    Okay guys.. Thanks for helping me last time.. I need your help again.. I am not able to decide which one to buy. My price range is 22,000INR max 10" to 11.6" Netbook No Gaming required, But should be able to play HD videos. Battery Life 3-4 Hours. You can also suggest any other Brand...
  19. I

    Buying Replacement Battery for Dell Inspiron 15(1545) ?

    Hi, My Dell Inspiron 15 (aka 1545) is now almost 3 yrs old and its battery has enough power to last only for 10 mins. Hence, I wanted to buy a replacement battery. And I have following questions: 1. I know nothing beats original. But are cheap compatible batteries too bad? 2. Part...
  20. ajai5777

    Guys..I met with an accident..

    My bike got crashed with a tripper.Right hand got fractured and some skin loss..Now in hospital..If i wasnt wearing helmet it could have been all over. See the bike.. And one more thing, 5777 is my bikes number..
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