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  • For no purpose. Only testing. I was going through cost2cost's page and came by that, and from the number of sold units, it looked an awesome device.
    Sorry to hear that, we don't get the slave treatment in TCS but what we have is indefinite bench time, I think it would be best to go for higher studies within a few years, my friend is doing mtech from USA and he got teaching assistantship there, now he has a iphone 5 and recently bought a brand new toyota corolla while paying for his tuition loan at the same time :(
    Hmm :D

    Joining TCS on March 27th, made a mistake by not going with accenture, but I don't lament over such things ;)

    Don't worry, CTS gave IEM JL recently, your's will come soon, and CTS is a lot better than Wipro, chance to go abroad is very high :D
    Link to your raspberry pi casing please. It does look good.
    I'm also searching for a good casing. Already bought one, but I don't like that.
    Yeah, thinking the same, the reason I was so confused is because accenture gives joining real fast, right after pass out, TCS gives joining about 4-6 months later, but recently I heard accenture does not give much onsite work, so probably going for TCS.
    Yeah, I got into TCS and Accenture, now trying to think which one to pick, damn hard choices.
    HD vids playback mostly depend on NB chips ( an the their gfx core ) for AMD platform - so with a suitable mobo and chipset sempron is capable enough to playback HD contents.

    For a cheap mobo which can playback HD contents with sempron cpu look for AMD 760G chipset based mobo like ASUS M4A78LT-M LE or Gigabyte GA- MA78LMT-S2P around ~2.5k but 760G chipset has it's own limitation like no support for UVD for bluray and display output limited to only VGA and DVI so it's better to get something better like MSI 880GM-E35 @ 3.5k or Gigabyte MA880GM-UD2H @4k.
    u should not come with that amt of money its well understood...i thot u only wanted to book the cabby..anyway prob solved then...will meet up after u pick up the rig...
    Tell you what, why don't you come at 12pm and meet us, and then tell your dad to come at 3/4pm as he wishes, you can sit inside md comps/vedant as long as you wish. They got ac.
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