1. Anorion

    What do video games teach you about sex?

    5. Skyrim - you might need to kill your partner to marry again
  2. Zangetsu

    Kill Switch has reduced smartphone theft

    Smartphones, particularly iPhones, are no longer the favourites of discerning lifters, recent data shows. The reason: the “kill switch” is proving the killjoy for the thieves. Apple added a kill switch, called Activation Lock, to its iPhone in September 2013. Samsung followed in April 2014...
  3. amjath

    Find the name of the Game??

    Hi guys, I would like to know a forgotten name of a PC game which I played it on my first PC. So it goes like this * Its a FPS game, who is a COP [remember more like a female character] * Some kind of electric guy shows up in between the thugs * Game starts with chaos outside police station *...
  4. Akira

    Awesome quotes from video games

    Ever since gaming started, whether it be a console or the PC, there has been some beautiful and epic dialogue written. It could be in sound bubble, dialogue choices, or just plain old game Tags. I didn't add best to the title, because really, it's just a matter of relevance. {NOTE: There...
  5. I

    lenovo y510p elAN TOUCHPAD issues

    guys i am literally crying..i spent 78k on this and now nor vertical nor horizontal scrolling is working..i am on the latest drivers and have checked the settings..i dont want to end up taking this to service next day of parents will kill to fix this issue,....has...
  6. harshilsharma63

    how to pass time in lectures

    Hi. I'm pursuing B.Tech. in computer science from a private college. Most of the teachers in my department are sub-standerd and I have a tough time sitting in their lecture. They keep on dictating notes and all the stupid girls keep on promoting this note-making sh*t. Please suggest how should...
  7. funskar

    Microsoft says it 'will kill Sony at E3 - LMao !

    Microsoft says it 'will kill Sony at E3 - LMao :rofl: Microsoft’s global director of marketing Craig Davidson has bullishly claimed that it will ‘kill Sony at E3,’ and that its Xbox One console will turn heads at the Los Angeles-based event. Speaking to IGN Spain (translated via Google)...
  8. H

    Do you like QTEs in games?

    Quick Time Events or QTEs for short are on screen prompts for a user to enter a certain button quickly so that the character executes an action. The options are: Yes - Self explanatory Yes, but only if they are optional and make your character do something more awesome/help the character...
  9. T

    IndieGala Bundle (Mass Effect 2 for 6$)

    Hey guys, IndieGala is having one of their sales. You'll get Mass Effect 2 if you pay more than the average , these are the bundled games: Rebuild Kill Fun Yeah Shadowgrounds Gimbal Shank 2 Zombie Driver Mass Effect 2 (5.85$ and above) Link: *
  10. Nerevarine

    Darksiders 1 savegame

    I have lost my savegames.. Can anyone spare their savegame, right after the events of going into the shadow realm for the first time (To kill 4 shadow lurkers in order to free the gate guardian for Tiamat)
  11. socrates

    Music labels in secret plot to kill off CDs?

    Music labels in secret plot to kill off CDs? | News | TechRadar
  12. socrates

    Samsung Trying to kill Wave owners by letting everyone upgrade to WAVE 2.0

    See. Samsung Trying to kill Wave owners by letting everyone upgrade to Wave 2.0 | :shock:
  13. vamsi_krishna

    Bulletstorm here

    Release date: 22/02/2011 Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person Developer: People Can Fly / Epic Games Russian Publisher: Electronic Arts Publication Type: License Language: [English, Russian, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Danish] MSR -------------------------- Operating system...
  14. V

    Assassin's Creed 1 vs Assassin's Creed 2

    I am on my 3rd playthrough of AC2 & the game has me addicted. Other reason is that I don't have any other shooter game to play right now besides L4D2. Anyways, while playing this game for the 3rd time, I felt like revisiting AC1 so I installed it & started playing it. After like killing 2...
  15. hansraj

    Why r we reluctant in sharing the info on piracy!!!

    Ok ... before i begin Lets remind all of us of the Forums rule that none of our post should direct to any pirated content hereafter(basically no infringement of Copyright law or Intellectual act). What i want to discuss here is: why is sharing information on the available pirated content...
  16. NewsBytes

    Graphic details: Nvidia may kill GT200b series, Xbox is happy with ATI

    The Web is abuzz with news that Nvidia might be killing its GT200 series of graphics cards. It all started with SemiAccurate’s Charlie Demerjian – who has long been criticised as a ‘tech tabloid’ writer by all and sundry – stating that the company is set to kill its...
  17. din

    Going to kill someone ? Do not forget to take railway ticket !

    LOL, that is correct. Going to kill someone ? Make sure you have railway tickets ! Poor Kasab (yes, the same guy who killed lot of people brutally during the terrorist attack in Mumbai) is cursing his teachers in Pakistan for not informing that he was supposed to take a railway ticket before...
  18. M

    Is this Normal Speed?

    I am confused. Will kill myself or Airtel Upload > Download :confused::confused::confused:
  19. Faun

    Things you were not supposed to know !

    Ever wondered that you have been in a sandbox since your birth ! Some things were never revealed to you. Here are a few important ones. Go confirm them yourself. The CIA Commits Over 100,000 Serious Crimes Each Year These are serious crimes including assassinations and assaults. After 9/11...
  20. Gigacore

    Believe it or not: Diet coke can kill sperms!

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