What do video games teach you about sex?


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1. Witcher 2 - Pool is great for sex.
2. Mass Effect - Age of your lover doesn't matter.
3. Witcher 3 - You can't just have sex "with" the pony but "on" the pony as well.
4. Dragon Age Origins - Have sex before going to war, and everything will be alright.

These are just few, there are many others as well which teach us great many things about sex.

5. Skyrim - you might need to kill your partner to marry again


GTA: San Andreas
You just need a back alley or even a shadow area around a big tree and you can have sex with girls in cars.
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6. Far Cry 3 - Choose your sex/romantic partner very carefully or you'll pay with your life.

@Piyush Indeed that was the reason I put anand after gamer in my username. :D
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I had to edit my post coz I felt sh!t after realizing what I just posted.

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7. Resident Evil 4 : You better find a new trick because that one is getting old - Leon
8. Resident Evil 4 : Stranger, stranger now that's a weapon
8. Mortal Combat 4 : FINISH HER!!!!
9. Call of Duty 4 : We're going deep, We're going HARD
10. Mass Effect : You sassing me soldier? get down and give me 40
11. Counter Strike : Fire in the Hole...
12. Final Fantasy 7 : It's pretty hard standing on two feet
13. Sonic Adventure 2 : Let me show you my real power.
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