1. doomgiver

    Advice regarding micromax "funbook" tablets.

    need some info/reviews regarding all the different models of the micromax funbook. feel free to post personal experience with them, any niggles, problems, etc. any sort of info is welcome. I am planning to buy one by the end of the month. ty.
  2. R

    Counter Strike latest build info

    While playing CS 1.6 in LAN, i typed version in console and it displayed protocol version 47, then some build info as BUILD:2738. I need to know is this the latest version build or not. I googled for some information and came to know that BUILD:4454 exists. Is BUILD:4454 the latest or it has...
  3. M

    Forsa Graphic cards

    I was looking for better priced 7950 or 680 when i saw this brand of flipkart Graphic Cards Price List India: Computer Components: card prices are good but i couldnt find any more details about company and its rma services and so on anyone with forsa products or its info...
  4. Faun

    Audiogram test

    Check you left and right ear response to frequencies at lowest decibels. I just did a quick test. It's pretty noisy here with construction work going on. I will update the pic if I do it again. Here's mine: More info on how to read it: How to Understand Your Hearing Test - Hearing Aid...
  5. aroraanant

    Anonymous Hacker Takes Down GoDaddy Inc.

    For more info refer this link
  6. coolest111

    Ngpay Experience

    Me and My frnd had a roller coaster ride...started with lot of excitement coz my frnd was getting new iPad (iPad 3) @ almost US Price.....As always we do a follow up check before buying anything online lye if product is in stock,colors available we were told by costumer care they had...
  7. webgenius

    Emission test for a new car

    I have used my new petrol car for more than a year now. Should I get an emission test for it now? How long can I use the new car without getting an emission test? I couldn't find any info about this online.
  8. U

    laptop ~60k for gaming!

    What is your budget? (INR or USD) -60000/- INR Which country will you buying this notebook? Also state that if or ships to your country (Only if you know this info). -india What are the primary tasks will you be performing with this notebook? -gaming,watching...
  9. Piyush

    Which distro(s) are you using?

    I made this thread for a couple of reasons only, mainly: -->to get an idea on how many users are using X distro? -->to get the idea of how many users are using the distro that you are running so that you can ask/share problems/experiences with them -->and to get latest happening about any distro...
  10. R

    Help with case study

    Hey I have to submit a case study on the topic"Implementation of TCP/IP in different operating systems" can anyone tell me details about it and links to where I can find info about it.Google isn't helping much.Thanks in advance.
  11. A

    Android with Some features (Look inside to C)

    HI Guys , I am planning to buy an Android Handset with the following points into consideration . 1. Budget? Max 21K 2. Display type and size? 3.7 – 4 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? Bar 4. Preferred choice of brand? Samsung , LG No HTC Please 5. Preferred input...
  12. K

    Olympus VR-330

    Hi, has anyone purchased the Olympus VR-330 here? Are you satisfied?? Actually I am planning to buy one. Plz also tell me the current price if anyone has got the info..
  13. V

    help me getting new phone :-/

    1. Budget =<20k 2. Display type and size..........>3.5 inch,high clarity :P 3. Full and smooth touch 4. no need of secondary camera 5.front camera should be >=5 mp with very good flash 6. Preferred operating system?....... (Android) :) 7. Primary use of handset .............(multimedia...
  14. Pratz993

    need a graphics card under 4k

    hey..guys my friend needs a graphics card..for 4k...pls suggest some... motherboard INTEL D410PT....PSU 500....pls help me out here...if u need more post that..
  15. D

    Malware Infection. Help

    I believe i have a malware infection on my computer. can you help me? i have a virus/worm file in my usb pen drive like G:/pisted/offline.exe. Along with this autorun.exe is created in the root directory of the usb drive everytime i plug in my pendrive. I am able to remove it from safe mode or...
  16. win32.tr0jan

    LAN-able Racing games

    My bro recently came from abroad and brought NFS Undercover.Currently we can play multiplayer only online!...I heard that there is a patch for UC to make LAN available,for Shift too. Anyone knows more info about this patch? Which are other good Racing/Rally games that are play-able in LAN...
  17. C

    Phone in less than 5-6k, with capacitive touch if possible.

    1. Budget? 5000 (MAX:6000) 2. Display type and size? what is this?? 3. Form Factor? bar, slider, flip? Touch(bar?) 4. Preferred choice of brand? None... 5. Preferred input method (QWERTY, touchscreen, numpad, touch-n-type). Touchscreen/touch n type 6. What camera option you...
  18. icebags

    Tell me some 24" monitors.

    Hi, I am looking for some choices for 24" full HD monitors. Currently I am inclined towards Dell ST2420L in mind since I have one 19" Dell already and it is giving me good service. However, I am open to suggestions. So, please let me know about the other 24" monitors also (including...
  19. G

    Console Gaming Parlor - License's required

    Hi friends, I'm planning to open a Console gaming parlor/lounge (for both PS3 n xbox360 :grin:) in Bangalore (and other parts of india later on...) I've searched the web alot n still have a few questions,hence asking you gamers in here.... 1.Do we need to have to get license from console...
  20. saz

    Info Regarding Gigabyte GA-880GA-UD3H (rev. 3.1) availability

    Hi All, I just wanted to check the availability if any one has any info about Rev. 3.1 (the one having black colored socket) of GA-880GA-UD3H in Nehru Place. As per gigabyte website it would be having AM3+ socket which I suppose would be future proof as it would be supporting new 32nm...
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