1. aditya1987

    Professional Hacker Required (Urgent)

    I want to get some of my gmail account hacked. Someone please give me some info about them. If anyone in this forum can do this please PM me (Fees negotiable) Thank you.
  2. K

    W580 Question.

    Hi I have purchased SE W580i. I want to know how to turn on "Cell Info Display" like nokia. I have not found anything in the menu. Thanks
  3. D

    Help buying PC within 25K!

    Hi Fellas, I'm planning to buy a PC within 25K. Looking at good performance and a bit of gaming. Can any of you suggest a good config? I will be buying it in Bangalore so info about some good shops would also be very helpful. Any help is greatly appreciated. Cheers
  4. E

    FS: PALIT HD4850 1 month Indian Warranty

    HI , Need to sell 1.5 month old PALIT HD 4850. Has full Indian warranty , will provide the original Bill. Revised Price : 7 K . (see - * for latest rates) Reason For Sale : Bought it to play Prince of Persia 2009 and Devil May Cry 4...
  5. prateek007391

    Deep Freeze

    What is this program Does anybody has any info on it
  6. A

    post your qualification/job info here.

  7. clmlbx

    Best Printer in Market ?

    Hi Pls Help me to find Printer. which can also print colour Photographs. so pls Give me Good choices . also tell me about All-in-1 (scanner & printer).Pls share info and price ...Well I have no idea about printers and scanners so tell e in detail.
  8. D

    Hi! I'm new on this forum..

    Hello every1 :) Just wanted to say hi! Been reading this forum for long now and decided to register at last and maybe provide comunity with some helpful info Cheers! :)
  9. blademast3r

    Java and SCJP certification in Bangalore

    Hey guys need some info bt a good training institute in blore preferably arnd koramangala.. also need some info bt the SCJP certification..
  10. Flashbang

    Modchip for ps2

    Hi, I wish to install a mod chip to my ps2.I tried google but most of them are solder one's so I don't want to risk buying them.I have heard that some solderless one's are available.Can anyone give me some site or info about and also to where to buy these in delhi ? BTW my ps2 is 9000X model...
  11. N

    BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams & Battlefield 1943 revealed!

    BioShock 2 is revealed. It is a continuation of BioShock. They say there was some cut-scene in the first BioShock of PS3 version. More news & trailer here: * And Battlefield 1943 has also been announced! It is sequel to Battlefield 1942...
  12. Cool G5

    Some Questions on Wordpress

    The Dedicated wordpress thread has been dead for now, I posted there an month or two ago but got no replies. So I am making this new thread. I have a few queries regarding Wordpress blogging, please solve them. 1) I need a plugin to link my Imageshack images in my wordpress posts. I tried the...
  13. T

    overclocked system info required

    Info required which is better for gaming an overclocked e7200 or an e8400 also a good non igp mobo good for overclocking price range of mobo:below 5k;should support raid 0. also if possible tell the freq that a normal aircooled cab can support for the above processors.
  14. S

    ecommerce website creation help

    online marketing has gained a lot of importance in the past few years and i feel that this is the right time to position my small stationery business in the online space.for this i would like to create an ecommerce website.I want to know who is the best service provider with regard to this ? i...
  15. kumarmohit

    MTNL launches CDMA Data Card - Unltd Plan @ 300 + taxes

    More info here *
  16. T

    sms spoof

    guys can any one tell me what is sms faking or spoofing where can i get more info about it
  17. detonator2359

    Any News For Core i7

    hey frnds wassup... is there any info abt core i7 processor
  18. iinfi

    TERROR ATTACK!!! Firing and blasts in Mumbai...

    * watch news for further info....
  19. victor_rambo

    I am looking for a flash designer/developer

    Hi guyz, I am looking for a flash designer/ developer. Preferably from Thane or nearby areas. Duration of work is very work(approx 7 days), but may be given more work! Beginners are welcome! Plz PM me for more info.
  20. K

    I want tracking sw

    Hi to all my friends, I am using nokia 5320 xm & I want free tracker sw which gives me info about caller such as their place from which they called thanks K
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