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Jun 30, 2018
May 10, 2008
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Jun 30, 2018
    1. icebags
      what is this new forum ? :o
    2. Mr.Kickass
      Ah, long time no see from here as well. I've been busy with work for the past couple of years. Oh and I'm absolutely kicking well, just logged in to realize a lot has changed here at Digit, starting right from the name (earlier it was thinkdigit). I hope your icebags are frozen rock solid this winter :smile:
    3. d6bmg
      never had to deal with after sales service.
      g.skill is very good and their RMA is maintained by tirupathi.
    4. Faun
      RE-0 or A161P is good from clarity. I prefer A161P. And another one that esanthosh recommends is Phonak Audeo PFE112 or 012.
    5. Faun
      Which one do you prefer ? And what's your preferred sound signature.

      I never compared budget end earphones. Had PL11 before and listened to EP630. Preferred PL11. Recently bought ES18 for a friend. Can't say whether it was better than PL11 or not but sound was good for the price.

      Listened to Nokia headset for brief moment but don't remember much about the sound signature. It was kind of balanced from what I remember.
    6. Faun
      Haven't tested these but Nokia headset will have less bass response due to the design. You are looking for a headset or earphone ? Soundmaigc ES18 is better than EP630.
    7. JojoTheDragon
      Sure will. Arigatou.
    8. JojoTheDragon
      Reading your post. Do you have a steam id or something like that ? :)
    9. JojoTheDragon
      Oh! I forgot to check that thread. Thanks for that post. I really needed it. :)
      Expect me to post soon.

      Arigatou Icebags-san. :D
    10. JojoTheDragon
      Man, its on a stall. I'm unable to find grammar and basic conversation material. :(
    11. GhorMaanas
      cant agree more to this ! in fact, here in mumbai, many of such training-schools/classes or of other creative things, esp. where elder people are in majority, they are conducted on weekends in the morning, or in early mornings/late evenings on weekdays. atleast this is applaudable that inspite of remaining so busy in this rat-race, some people still have a burning desire to devote time and learn new things.
      even the wing chun school i was telling about is one such school, and one other escrima school that conducts classes only on sunday mornings that i know of. there are such few others too.
    12. GhorMaanas
      and donnie has got good acting skills too !

      yeah wing chun is a very practical art. do you practice too, any art ? or used to ?
    13. GhorMaanas
      thanks, but i have already seen those. the last one was the best, though exaggerated, but a very good movie. also, if you havent yet seen it, you should see jackie chan practising on a muk yan jong (wooden dummy in wing chun) in the starting of the movie 'rumble in the bronx'. its a short scene, but will leave you exhilarated with his speed :)
    14. himangshu
      plz suggest me a good camera
      phone with 3.5mm jack under
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