1. ssdivisiongermany1933

    Need info about Logitech 2.1 speakers (It's urgent)

    Pls provide some info on logitech 2.1 speakers I need them , planiing to purchase them
  2. S

    Best speakers for laptop

    Give info about speakers suitable for laptop under 2500..
  3. caleb

    Health Info & Free Registration

    Here is a nice and easy way to quickly find health info on the net. * Apparently the search platform is developed in conjunction with physicians. It has over 1000000 medical terms & people friendly synonyms as well as 70000 medical concepts which include diseases...
  4. R

    php code needed

    can someone tell me the php code to know the last page of the visitor, i.e. from where the visitor came?? and writes every info about the visitor in a text file!!?? Can anyone help me? Thanx.
  5. xenkatesh

    B.Tech IT Via correspondence

    is that possible in india? If so can any one let me know which university offers these education. i also need their website to get more info thank you
  6. aditya.shevade

    Help in chosing college project

    Hi I know this might sound stupid, but one of my teachers has asked us to prepare a presentation on any technical/scientific subject in about 5 pages. It should contain working info, general info, uses, and that all in 5 pages. One more thing, it should be preferably a new technology...
  7. caleb

    BERYL with NVIDIA on Open Suse 10.2

    I've just installed Beryl on Open Suse 10.2 (by following the info for "Beryl with nVidia drivers - no Xgl/AIGLXat" with the info given in: * It is working marvelously but I'm getting greedy now to achieve the Transparent 3D Cube effect as shown in the link given...
  8. dissel

    Need osme info about hub

    Hi, I have two PC in my home...& Have BB(DataOne) ADSL modem, I just want to buy a Ethernet hub to share the Internet and file transferring between them. So if any one can please suggest some info about a decent hub (not very costly) and the specification like manufacturer/Price/no of etho...
  9. dd_wingrider

    Copy or Credit

    Hi, I wanted to ask that as i am a member of other forums also (digit being the coolest among them though:D) most of you will be, So, if i share a info with u all here from other forums, how should i give the credit to the guy who originally found that info, as i suppose i can't give the...
  10. N

    Career Based Forum For Sale.

    CAREERTALK.IN Url: Description: Its a career based forum and provides them platform for discussions and offers resources. I am selling it because I don't have time to make it grow. Forum Stats ( as on Feb 6, 2007 1:00 PM IST): Members: 823 Threads: 630 Posts...
  11. T

    Most Wanted PC Games - 2007

    1. Supreme Commander - (Sci-Fi) Real Time Strategy. Game designer Chris Taylor, creator of Total Annihilation, returns to the RTS genre with the new franchise Supreme Commander. Official Website :- * Release Date :- 20 February 2007 - RELEASED Screen Shots...
  12. M

    Reliance Router Info?, Does anybody know which router does Reliance uses?

    Does anybody know which router does Reliance uses? What is it address? Does anybody has idea when they will be roling out there new plans with night unlimited scheme combined with data transfer plan? I have 75KBps unlimited connection, I live in Delhi. How can I know my router info & URL?
  13. C

    How to Turn an Ordinary Photo Into an Extraordinary Photo

    see an excellent post on the above topic at * thanks!!!! for more info visit *
  14. dinesh_mettur

    Airtel Mobile office Server Down!!!!!

    hi dudes due 2 earthquake in taiwan mobile office server is down upto tuesday .. so we cant able to surf the net using mobile office ... so dont subscribe for mobile office daily pack if u subscribe the amount will be debited instantly which cant be refunded for more info : call 121...
  15. B

    Philips PixelPlus or Sony Trinitron WEGA DRC-MF or Samsung SlimFIT?

    Hi... Which is the best flat 29" CRT television out there? I need some quick info... ABSOLUTE PICTURE QUALITY matters... I DONT CARE ABOUT SOUND AT ALL
  16. dinesh_mettur

    Printer Buying Guide???

    hi to all am having Hp Deskjet 3940 printer now , am planning to buy Hp All in One(Print,Copy,Scan) , please tell me the info about hp all in one printer and specifications and also tell me the price info ...

    Acoustic Sense

    Let me come to the point straight away... i m looking for a good pair of headphones .... since im an audiophile.... sound clarity is my priority ... can anyone suggest a good brand n models { lil noob in this front } i dont want the normal ones (i've 3 of 'em) ... but the cousioned...
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