1. quagmire

    Xiaomi secretly sending your info to Chinese servers

    Xiaomi secretly sending your info to Chinese servers - GSMArena Blog chinese-servers/ Looks like Xiaomi is working for China to make a NSA of their own. Well done! Sorry for the guys who just bought a Xiaomi.
  2. @

    Whats the antenna spec of Asus RT N14U

    I googled, but no help. All I could find was it has two internal antennas, but no info about how much dBi it is. Even here know the antenna spec?
  3. kARTechnology

    BSNL 3G + ROUTER dropping continuously...HELP

    well, im not a noob here :P I have setup DLINK DSL-2750U (hw. ver.C1)(with "_IN_1.10_B038_K8B_0K-IN-00-4459_20130702_test" firmware) with DLINK DWM-156 USB 3G DONGLE (ver.A7) and using it as primary internet connection to 5 devices (with 2 switches) ALL WIRED WITH Dlink CAT5(DIY) and WIFI OFF...
  4. theserpent

    Bricked nexus 10? Help Me

    Okay So I unlocked bootloader via NRT.. So after unlocking I got into recovery and earsed the data(as mentioned in the instructions).. Now basically the tablet doesn't boot up to home... Then whenever I try to boot it,It just comes to the bootloader screen(device info). Presently trying to...
  5. D

    Mobile insurance

    Few days back i heard from my friend about new india insurance which covers mobile. But the conditions imposed by them seems that claiming will be extremely difficult. Any info?
  6. B

    LAN-G "The LAN Gaming Event" & GAiMcode "The Coding Event"

    Hello Members! Everyone is invited at For more info: LAN-G "The Gaming Event" Dec`13 Amritsar Edition For more info: GAiMcode "The Coding Event" Dec`13 Amritsar Edition SHARE & INVITE your friends into these events. Thanks!!
  7. Desmond

    Which classic/retro game would you like to see rebooted/remade/HD-fied?

    I would really like to see the following games remade/rebooted : 1. Recoil : An action game where you control an advanced futuristic tank and lay waste to numerous types of enemy and complete objectives across various landscapes. The tank can morph from a tracked vehicle to an...
  8. Akintex

    Need info about hp pavilion 15 b003tu

    Need info about hp pavilion 15- b003tu. Laptop. It has 1.5 ghz intel 987 cpu Is it good for multi tasking ? multi tab browsing.? And I will use android dev program eg environment eclips. And some image editing app photosop cs5? Pls suggest me.:confused:
  9. A

    Softwares info. required

    Good evening, I want to know that which is the best software available for all type of drawaing art, designs, paintings, etc and the latest version of that software. From where i can download that software for free, as I am interested in Graphics, paintings, photography, and design. Please give...
  10. patkim

    Crystal Disk Info Report - Reallocated Sectr > Total No of Sectr

    I have an old Laptop HDD 120 GB. I ran Crystal Disk Info and its report is embedded as jpg here 120 GB HDD total sectors should be around 234436545 ..and this report shows Reallocated Sector Count as 8589934592000. How to interpret this data for this parameter? Similarly Temperature value...
  11. A

    Need advice on buying Lava XOLO q700

    Hi I want to know why should I / should I not buy this phone . I want info on all the aspects of this phone, especially about the after sales service.
  12. Desmond

    Microsoft's IllumiRoom - Gaming beyond the TV

    How cool is this! More info : * Source : Microsoft's IllumiRoom takes gaming visuals outside the box and onto the living room
  13. logout20

    Info : How to get maximum battery back up on Androids

    Androids have large number of funtions.bluetooth,wi-fi,email,nfc,web,heavy customization,data synchronizing ,maps,streaming videos and blah blah.Its good to have large number of useful function in our pocket but when it comes to battery backup its very disappointing.Battery life is such a...
  14. fun2sh

    Vodafone Unlimited 3G recharge in 649??

    Is it true? or just a Typo. Well we can sue vodafone for wrong info :lol::lol:
  15. C

    GTX 660(non ti) in Kolkata?

    where can I buy one? It's pre-order on Md computers. It'll be very nice if anyone can give me the prices and stock info for different shops, although even tge phone numbers will do. Pardon my english, I was kinda in a hurry.
  16. doomgiver

    IAS/Civil services 2013 application form

    When do they come out? Its almost march, and even their site has no info. Anyone else trying to apply?
  17. R

    want to Enable Network Info Service Just Like Old Nokia phones have

    since these days r too foggy ! i thought that my new Sony Xperia Tipo Dual could tell me about the Place i m while travelling through Train ... so just searched Play store for some apps and found nothing useful like that ... is there any way to enable network info service just like some old...
  18. A

    Smartphone under 15k suggestions!

    1. Budget: less than 15k 2. Display type and size- 4" preferred bt less is ok 3. Form Factor: bar 4. Preferred choice of brand: no indian brands 5. Preferred input method - touchscreen 6. What camera option you want: flash, front facing camera preferred 7. Preferred operating system...
  19. F

    Yo Dogs!

    Sup Lads and Laddies. Its obvious that I am new here. I have heard about TDF almost everywhere magazine, games(clan), steam, etc.. Anyways I am here for games and tech info and games and knowledge and games and art and games. I am learning PaintDotNet. Excellent software for photo editing...
  20. sujeet2555

    Sfc get stuck 55%

    Pc config: Processor: AMD Phenom X4 9650 Memory: 4096 MB DDR2 Graphics :NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Motherboard : ASUS M3A78-EM Rev. X.0x Disc :Seagate ST3500418AS 500 GB SATA II Windows : Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit i was unable install 3.5 from window feature option ,so i tried to...
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