Emission test for a new car


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I have used my new petrol car for more than a year now. Should I get an emission test for it now?

How long can I use the new car without getting an emission test? I couldn't find any info about this online.


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For new vehicles no need to take emission test upto one year. After that you need get your emission check every 6 months.

Hi webgenius I was just going through this thread of yours *www.thinkdigit.com/forum/chit-chat/154318-reducing-room-temperature-during-hot-summers.html

What i suggest is that if your car has a AC system installed(which i suppose it has) do one thing remove that AC and put it in your room.In this way it will be both economical and beneficial.Moreover it will act as a portable AC when you want it in the car fix it in the car when you want it in the room fix it in the room.

Why dont you post your reply in that thread itself.. :|
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