Which distro(s) are you using?

which distro(s) are you using?

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I made this thread for a couple of reasons only, mainly:
-->to get an idea on how many users are using X distro?
-->to get the idea of how many users are using the distro that you are running so that you can ask/share problems/experiences with them
-->and to get latest happening about any distro

To fellow members: Do post any good piece of info that might help others too.There are many who are still new to *nix world (including me)....so it will surely help us all.


Sami Hyypiä, LFC legend
Arch Linux - Primary distro
Ubuntu - Just kept it. I like the distro.
FreeBSD - Right now trying it.
OpenSUSE - On second PC with Xfce.


Simply a DIGITian
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Ubuntu - I like it from the beginning, but now started avoiding it because of Unity.
Arch - Liking it nowadays
Linux Mint / Debian / Fedora / OpenSUSE / FreeBSD - Just trying them out..!!

BTW all are in VirtualBox :D


PCLINUXOS for a long time. I love its central configuration PCLINUXOS Control Center.
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oops didnt mention my OS

currently running Fedora 16 (loving it of course)
before that Ubuntu


BSD init pwns System V
Arch Linux - Primary OS since September 2010, the month I installed it.
FreeBSD - On secondary HDDs first partition. Installed it this month
CrunchBang, Fedora, Ubuntu, Mint - On VirtualBox, to play with. Never updated.
Debian & CentOS:- On VirtualBox, to learn stuff. Updated once a month


script-kiddie geek
Debian Customized like replaced the window manager with lite one, removed lots of services that I don't use. I like things clean & simple.


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I'm using Fedora 16,Linux Mint,openSUSE 12.1,Ubuntu-11.12 all in their 64-bit flavors.
Primary OS is Fedora 16,next very often I use is Linux Mint(LISA).
My personal opinion :- Linux Mint is far, far, better than Ubuntu.Especially, the MATE desktop is a breeze to work upon when compared to that of UNITY desktop environment.
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The Power of x480
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I am not using any ATM, but when I would, I would use Ubuntu (and variants) and Fedora... so voted accordingly! :)


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I got Linux Mint on my Laptop, and Sabayon on my Desktop... both operating systems have survived several re-installations of xp/vista on the other partition and my parents are slowly becoming comfortable with Sabayon :p

prefer to use JoliCloud on a USB tho for most reasons

still an amateur, prefer to use the OS as is, without tinkering around too much ... met some professional Linux users (photo-editing, graphic design, video editing) many prefer either arch or gentoo


Broken In
Puppy 5.25, on my 900 MHz/100MHzFSB PIII on D815EEA Board with 512 MB RAM.

XPsp3 and Puppy on the same HDD.
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New Voyage
Ubuntu on VMWare and would give a try on Mint...

suggestion: can the Linux Mint be installed on vmware along with Ubuntu?
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